Your Daily Dose of Griefers Brutally Rage Quitting in GTA Online [Part 5]

Another day, another ragequit
Video made by MetalChameau

Songs (In order) :

Title :: CC Track 6
Track is composed by :: Soulwax
Stems are remixed by :: TomilovSenya
Track is a property of :: Rockstar Games

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47 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose of Griefers Brutally Rage Quitting in GTA Online [Part 5]”

  1. I played AAA travel hockey my entire youth ((6 years old – to around 21 years old)) and it always the French speaking teams that always seem to get under my skin the most, the origin didn't matter either (via Canada/ via France) just couldn't shake my prejudice…BUT oddly a century later, I catch myself getting the most entertainment & laughter out of a French GTA one content creator & has been & will most likely stay my favorite creator & in game personally in the business. Lol so you're obviously doing something right! …or unbeknownst to me, I've just simply grown as a person & matured over the years…lol 🙄

  2. I wish i had at least half of your skill. I can rocket spam, but i suck. I'm just bad at sniping, i cant afford a starling….

  3. Awesome video, also thx for the videos on how to fly the mkll upsidedown, I finally got it. I am still working on being better at offensive ( I not big on killin honestly), defensively I can dodge pretty much anything, deluxo missiles still get me every now and then

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