2023-03-12 Wrestling Observer Live: WBD bets on AEW with new show, WWE Bets on Gambling

On this week’s Sunday edition of wrestling Observer live Andrew Zarian is back talking all the latest in the world of professional wrestling.

There have been Rumblings as of late of another AEW wrestling show On a Warner Bros Discovery Network. Andrew breaks down what he’s heard and what that might look like and what audience it might be trying to reach!

WWE has contacted several state gaming commissions including Michigan, Colorado, and Indiana about potentially having live betting on high-profile matches. Along with producer Matt, Andrew talks about the pros and cons of this and the likelihood that it would not get corrupted.

Rey Mysterio is the first name announced for WWE’s Hall of Fame, will this play into the storyline with Dominik? Also, WrestleMania is starting to shape up as we got more matches this week including John Cena vs Austin Theory!

Plus, Preview of this week’s Dynamite, thoughts on the Iron Match from last weekend, and more!

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10 thoughts on “2023-03-12 Wrestling Observer Live: WBD bets on AEW with new show, WWE Bets on Gambling”

  1. I wish AEW would do more segments. I love the matches but it gets exhausting to follow the matches and care for the wrestlers without segments or vignettes to build them up.

  2. This is the opposite direction I was hoping for re: AEW.

    But then again, I'm a "less is more" guy and think both WWE and AEW are already putting out too much weekly wrestling content.

  3. And now we wait for the doomers to say this will just split AEW's audience and undercut them, as if that's something that happens.
    One's already here. Poor fool.

    WBD's over the moon about AEW.

  4. WWE had some of these betting sites going a few years ago. But the problem was someone in creative knew what was happening and things were being changed cause of it. Wrestling is planned, so it’s easy for people with knowledge to take advantage of it.

  5. I’ve thought that if AEW would pick some of the better match ups from their YouTube exclusive episodes. They could easily air those in the afternoon or early evening on a Saturday to a audience who may not see the YouTube stuff.

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