xQc Reacts to HOA Casino Clips, DW SWAT Take & More | NoPixel GTA RP

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Nopixel 3.0 Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay
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29 thoughts on “xQc Reacts to HOA Casino Clips, DW SWAT Take & More | NoPixel GTA RP”

  1. I could see X’s brain working when he heard about the casino payout. If they were to go in before their run and put 5mill in chips, adds 5 mil to payout then pull the chips back out.

  2. Once again, cops shouldn't be deployed until it has been successfully robbed. That way its now a battle to escape with the money. Right now cops being deployed while they're attempting just causes them to come too early, ruin the run, and cause the issues they are having now. Like let them get the money 1st ffs.

  3. Dude it’s kinda sad that he literally can’t say his play to HIS OWN CHAT because of metagamers it’s cringe, if you do it you’re weird and no one loves you.

  4. the only hint we have about payouts is… "i have no money when people cashing out their chips"
    could it be…. that every single penny spent in the casino ever since 3.0 would be the accumulated payout? bruh, no way right? that would be a lot. im guessing thatll be 30-50millions. but if thats the case, then the 2nd group to complete it would get nothing

  5. hope budha, x, and all cb put all of their money at the casino in chips before they actually hit it so that will be an even a bigger payout….pretty sure that is what dean is hinting at lol

  6. Wrangler cutting the wires , and other people just standing near him , just to be sure they die … x is right, cops are kinda trash. nobody should be near the bomb when they try to defuse …

  7. For those curious; James/Siz said on his stream today that he's going to try and open up a line of dialogue with the shift 3 cops and see what they can both figure out regarding the Casino responses. He's already said the flamethrower will never be used again as a dev, Tobi, told him it actually isn't that good and was lowkey shocked in James' chat when he was using it LOL. So a dev telling him it was kinda iffy was the only reason it was used. But yeah, James has already said that he doesn't care about getting away with loot, HOA want RP. They'd rather a fun chase rather than just shooting down the cops again and getting a W.

    He's already made plans in his head for Siz's progression IF they get loot but get captured. HOA aren't pulling a CB, where it's all about $$$. They want to expand the RP so it isn't the same boring crap every time.

  8. Bruh it's always funny when he said about planning this heist. We all know how's the plan went 😂. But tbh he is good at massacre those cops tho

  9. The way bombs should work: The Crim should choose the hack difficulty, they then have to solve it, if they fail, it blows up.
    The cops then need to defuse it, doing the exact same difficutly hack, same rules apply, they mess up, they blow up.

    Thermite hacker arms race

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