Labour: Chancellor 'gambling with other people's money'

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting told Kay Burley that Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng is “gambling with other people’s money”.

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44 thoughts on “Labour: Chancellor 'gambling with other people's money'”

  1. These idiots are hoping for some additional income in the short term. It never works. The short term gain from tax cuts can only work if enough labour, raw materials and easily imported components are available to improve productivity, and easily reached export customers can be quickly supplied. None of these are in place, in fact just the opposite. ffs

  2. Before everyone starts to criticise the new chancellor and Prime Minister, we need to first of all review our corporation tax rate and compare it with Ielands.

    Their tax rate is low and has the highest growth rate out of every European country. I think Ireland has something like a 10% growth rate, so we need to give this a lot more time for everything to bed itself down.

    But corporations also need to have confidence that the UK isnt going to increase the corporation tax as soon as labour or another Chancellor and Prime Minister take office next.

    We can only see positive growth if confidence can be restored between companies and government. And this is the bit that i feel will ruin any chance of this working.

  3. Promise not to bankrupt the country again, after the last two times and get rid or kick out of all the racists in our unions and Labour Party for good and not back down. This cum must go. Love mum

  4. How is this presenter so… biased. Sure there's part of journalism to ask challenging questions but what exactly does she want labour to do? Stage a coup or something? And then badgering him about rewriting the speech? So what? I can only imagine that was done so they could have clip of him saying that

  5. I'd rather the government gamble with money than with soldiers lives. Labour has no qualms about sacrificing the nations young on middle eastern battlefields for their own gratification…

  6. Kay Burley doesn't give a flying fvck! She is pocketing thousands and thousands of pounds from this tax cut and it's in her best interest to make any opposition look like the worst option. Kay is a Tory mouthpiece and nothing more.

  7. Christ LISTEN to the host… banging on and on about whether or not Starmers SPEECH will change or not to reflect the hour by hour changes to the crumbling economy…which HE IS NOT RUNNING.

    Could this woman be any futher up the arse of the Tories?

  8. The 2 party state isn't and has never in the last 50 years been good for Britain! We need Scandi style politics where there are 4-5 choices.
    The current system doesn't allow the voter to think that there is an alternative and is content to keep it that way.

  9. This woman is a disgrace! Counter productive and a big part of the problem we face in this country, trying to sound smart rather than caring for change which will impact so many people across the country.

  10. The Calvary is coming with Labour… what a joke. It will be more of the same crap but in red. They will help their rich banking friends like Blair and Brown did.
    When are we going to wake up to the fact that they are all playing the same music?

  11. That Kay woman is so funny, no matter who she interviews or what side they’re on she just bullies them into speaking angrily. I presume she does it to make them say what they actually think instead of just allowing them to calmly spout generic safe politics answers, but also get the sense she thinks she’s gods gift to news interviewing

  12. Wow this reporter seriously can’t hide how much of a Tory she is. Just face it at this point even SNP would be more beneficial to England than the tories.

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