Winning on the Classic Slots in a Las Vegas Casino!

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****Please note all of my videos are made for entertainment purposes only. I am not paid by this casino, I play with my own money. I win some and I lose some. I set a budget and always play responsible because the losing days burn like fire!! . Plus Long term gambling can be a losing endeavor. So if you decide to visit a casino, always set a personal budget, enjoy the games, and play responsibly!!

44 thoughts on “Winning on the Classic Slots in a Las Vegas Casino!”

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  2. They use to have boat rides inside the Luxor, when it first opened😆. Fun games & I’m glad Vegas keeps the old games around 👍😊. Luv the pinball too🎉👍. Hope you’re having a good day. Wish I was in Vegas now. Lol🍀🍀

  3. I had a room there and had sleep paralysis but could open my eyes and saw an old lady in my room staring at me sleeping. Place is bad juju.

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