The 5 Best Casinos In Reno To Play Video Poker

I have taken trips to Reno at least once or twice per year. In this video, I discuss what I think are the 5 best casinos in Reno, Nevada for playing video poker. I have visited all 5 of these establishments at least once in the past decade and all of them have plenty of video poker machines with payback percentages of at least 99%.

Video poker data is taken from vpfree2.com and the photos of 4 of the casinos shown here are taken from Wikipedia.

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5 thoughts on “The 5 Best Casinos In Reno To Play Video Poker”

  1. Silver Legacy removed the 10 7 ddb sometime between Aug 13 and 28, 2022. There were 3 machines like that together by the mens restroom and it wasn't only videopoker. A lot of times I'd walk by and people would be playing caveman keno, cleopatra keno, etc. Sad Silver Legacy removed them. Also, sometime between sep 1 and sep 23 they removed 2 100 hand play machines from the high limit room that featured 96 jacksorbetter while keeping the 1 lousy pay table 100 hand machine in the hl room. However they still have 3 other 100 hand 96 job 100 hands on the casino floor and 3 50 hand play machines.

    85 bonus poker with progressive at Atlantis in the high limit room is good and was 5375 for the royal sep 25th!

  2. Your info on SilverLegacy is right on. They did have the 100.17 percent return on the 10/7 double bonus poker, nickle denomination with max bet of five bucks. I always played that. Having just gone to Vegas for the first time in 20 years, I will never cheat on Reno again. We stay at either Eldorado, SilverLegacy, or Peppermill. The Peppermill is the nicest overall but I have won more money at SilverLegacy so we keep going back there.

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