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MONOPOLY Live by Evolution Gaming is a casino game show that combines a giant wheel of fortune and MONOPOLY. Your aim in this money wheel game is to bet on one or several of the 6 betting sections, according to which one you think the flapper will stop once the wheel comes to a halt. 4 of which pays cash, and 2 of which takes you to the Virtual, 3D MONOPOLY bonus game where you literally roll the dice. We have compiled some of the biggest wins by streamers and members of the CasinoGrounds community.

00:00 Intro
00:09 #5 SlotVLT Mike
03:29 #4 OnAirJannick
05:48 #3 Trazler Drex
08:31 #2 Lynx2x17
10:30 #1 iReflex

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26 thoughts on “Top 5 BIGGEST WINS on MONOPOLY Live”

  1. Seriously you so thick you can’t even work out from the 10 roll you’ve already won the 500x? You don’t deserve to play it if you dont know it’s a 10×10 board! 😂

  2. Hi, I won on 10/11/2021 500k on monopoly, but my Casino says you are Not allowed to earn more than 100k per das in Terms and conditions, all my wins rewoked… Thats Strange… Please help monopoly

  3. It's all fake , first they let you win if you're new & then you're robbed perfectly …. Because you wanna be more rich & you're putting all your money on 4 & 2 rolls & 10x ……. They mostly give 1 & 2s ( monoply live by evolution ) fakest game … All these YouTube videos are sponsored af … Don't put your hard earned money on these fake online casinos & also jet x & others crash games are fake too … Whenever you put big amount … They always crash it … They make the easy money on planet earth …. .but F them …. I'll keep exposing them ..& i urge all of you to do the same …

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