PD Investigating the Casino Hotel | No-Pixel 3.1

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22 thoughts on “PD Investigating the Casino Hotel | No-Pixel 3.1”

  1. I love how everyone thinks this had to do with the heist, No heist attempt was even going on when this happened. The Italians opened fire on 2 cops that were up in the casino because they had a bunch of illegal stuff on them including big guns on their backs. The room they are talking about is room 517 which is owned by the guy that got arrested.

  2. A Couple of Weeks ago DW invited Baas to explain him some things and speaking about the Swat team and he told them if something goes wrong they will get a ping. Since them some cops OOC try to force the meta unlock. Especially that Grinder who said to Wrangler about that he saw a Heli going from the PP to the Casino xD So Wrangler went full on that day. To understand the sillyness of the situation i will quote someone " A Grinder who prolly spend 8-9 hours in queue got inside saw that and immediatelly goes to the PD to report it to Wrangler" i mean…come on..

  3. Guys, be sure to get some context from the actual stream before reacting to this short clip. I took a look and from my understanding, these cops you're looking at in the clip were responding to some officers who went down in the hallway of the hotel floor, and in this clip, they were discussing if it's possible to raid some of the rooms that people has rented out. So no, they're not there for casino heist related crimes, irregardless of whether or not the people who gunned those cops down were trying to break into the casino vault.

  4. Did dean ask them to dot this ???? Casino is not like bank dean told them they have to come when they get ping of vaulet getting hacked that all now they see casino like a bank when Buddha could ask them to get the fuck out of casino at any times

  5. Why do they have to try and force themselves into it. Let them get to the point where it actually makes sense of them being there Jesus

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