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ChallengeCall is a system to reduce and *stop under age gambling in the UK.* It works with the placement of a mat in front of the gambling machine that links to a specialist control box. Watch the video and you will see a number of things that are typical when there is a person going to use the machine. Capture Technologies Ltd in the UK developed this system after over a year of close investigation and research in to *how users use FOBT machines* (or fixed odds betting terminals as they are known in the UK).

The ChallengeCall system is *used throughout the UK* in major pub and bar and restaurant companies and it helps to *protect operators from literally losing their license.*

Trading standards are currently responsible for checking operators and they are known to ‘send in’ under age persons to try and gamble on the FOBT machines. When using the ChallengeCall system staff are notified BEFORE the person gambles and so can be challenged about their age if they look even remotely under age.

There are many solutions available in the market but you will find that many of them start at literally thousands of pounds and that is often outside any budget operators might have. The *ChallengeCall system is far less expensive* and prospective customers will find these solutions very budget friendly.

If you want to ‘roll out’ this system as a coroprate account to a number of sites no problem, and we can offer the ChallengeCall to you at refreshingly good prices with great warranty. The ChallengeCall system is in stock and our staff are waiting for your call.

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