Jordan Peterson on gambling and addiction

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Reporting of current events

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21 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson on gambling and addiction”

  1. In Australia we have awful societal, financial and health problems directly caused by poker machines. It’s terribly sad and disgusting it generates so much tax revenue for the state and federal governments. They’re addicted to the money it’s created off the backs of peoples misery. Not to mention it has decimated live music at your local pub. You’d be a fool to think they are a harmless fun thing.

  2. How ironic how this lady ask why are the machines are not banned and still letting the people gamble
    It's government own and the money the accumulate yearly is to good for them the benefit from suckers
    Who are addicts

  3. They reduced the maximum bet, but still the game is so rigged, I have played many times and I know for a fact the result is based on the bet. I have had many times betting red/black and lose 5-10 times in a row, but can only remember only 1 time I won in a row. Not counting the 0s , so I know it is exactly 50-50, if 0 or 00 comes, I don't count it as a win or a loss for this exploration's sake.
    Rigged AF, not random, even though on the machine itself it says its random. Yeah, as if. Makes my blood boil, and I hope I never give them more of my money.

  4. Gambling starts like most minor bad habits. Its severity happens slow. Like just drinking beers with friends and then someday find yourself drinking alone one time and you just dont take much notice. Months years later you drinking regularly byyourself to cope with things like anxiety and looneliness. Gambling seems harmless first and for most it is. But I wanted to find a system rhat works in time. I was after getting an edge and winning longterm. There is so many videos and forums about different systems and those with gambling problems surely already now. THERE IS NO LONGTERM UNBREAKABLE SYSTEM THAT GIVES YOU WINNING FOREVER. The games are created to make gamblers loose. The deeper you dig into this and the more experience and knowledge you get the more dangerous it can be when you think you are UNIQUE and can get an edge. THERE IS NO SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOREVER. Forget about an lasting edge.

  5. Proof of income and disposable income seems more of a logical way to do it. They've stopped people from being able to use credit cards. How ever as someone who struggled with gambling years ago they had things in place to self exclude your self but there's always ways round it.

  6. When I'm in the bookies, I see broke bums around me, homeless drug addicts, alcoholics, angry people in general, these are the results of mental breakdowns caused by gambling, I sometimes stop for 3 months'ish and when I get stressed and bored I end up back in the bookies, so it was all in the brain really, will power and a hobby are the 2 things you need to stop and get rid of it.

  7. Fuck the gambling industry. "Produces economic activity and creates jobs"? Yeah, so does alcohol. Its also responsible for 50% of traffic fatalities. Gamblers have the highest suicide rate of any addiction group.

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