Gambling: Crash Course Games #27

Today we’re going to talk about gambling. Now, gambling is interesting because it could be argued that gambling doesn’t even have anything to do with games. It’s usually about making money after all – which makes it much closer to work. But gambling definitely has a gaming component from its uncertain outcomes to rules of play, and gambling has had a huge impact on the more traditional games we see today. So let’s take a look at gambling’s not-so-certain history all the way from antiquity to the present, and maybe along the way we’ll try to figure out why we like playing these “games” so much anyway.

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50 thoughts on “Gambling: Crash Course Games #27”

  1. While I've never gambled (I majored in finance. I'm holding on to every penny!), I always liked my father's system. On the rare occasions he was drug to the casino, he'd put $X in his right pocket and his winnings in his left. When his right pocket was empty, he was done and he cashed out his left.

  2. 2019 here, and they want to tell you to Buy More SURPRISE MECHANICS that are perfectly ethical and rated E for Everyone as Everyone give us your money (or your parents money if under 18).

  3. Trading Card Games are interesting in terms of gambling. Such as how Magic: The Gathering™ used to have an 'ante' rule where players' cards would be bet on the outcome of a match, and how when buying booster packs the contents are randomised and the value of the cards that you receive can vary greatly (aided by the fact that 1 in 56 cards are 'premium' foiled cards).

  4. Some day in the future people will also say this sentence: "Believe it or not, making drugs illegal didn't end the practice. It just drove it underground, where it eventually became an important stream of revenue for the organized crime syndicates that were springing all over the world."

  5. "some of these games, only give casinos the slight advantage" ya…. after seeing in my town a roullette wheel have 12 straight red outcomes followed by a 00… im pretty sure i will never go back.. fuckin rigged

  6. legalized gambling and alcohol prohibition are the perfect and exact reasons why drugs should be legalized, regulated and taxed. Get that revenue stream out of the hands of violent gangsters

  7. Ive been caught by the Gambler's Fallacy when looking at the Powerball. 08 shows up way too often as the powerball to not bet on it more than other numbers. Plus the patterns that are displayed make it look like it follows some sort of theme.

  8. Hmm – I noticed that Wisconsin wasn't one of the states you showed that had legal casino gambling, but I know we do, it's just run by the Tribes. Are there states where only Tribal gambling is legal?

  9. "Banning gambling just drove it underground". Yeah. Like drugs, alcohol, guns, and certain types of laundry detergent.

    But every time. "This time is different! It will work and it's worth it!"

  10. this is an amazing video dopamine is a joke all of psychiatry's chemicals are all frauds the DSM is a made up book with made up disorders homosexuality was once a disorder

  11. I only bet when I am playing poker, and I go into the night expecting to the $20 buy-in. I consider it like paying to see a movie- I am paying to enjoy entertainment. I convince myself that I am not going to get the money back… that way if I win, it is an unexpected bonus.

  12. when i used to live in North Dakota they allowed blackjack at the bars. so i'd sit at the table and once i up $20 bucks i get up, buy a round for my friends and me, then sit back down and do it over again. i was kicked out of several establishments for doing this however

  13. you got to know when to hold up, know when to fold up, know when to walk away, know when to run, cuz you never count your money when its sittin at the table, there will time enough for counting, when the deed is done…

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