Joe Rogan: Neil On How Casinos NEEDS Stupid People!!! Gambling & Basic Statistics

WATCH TO THE END!!! In this video Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson on how casinos have build an whole industry around not so smart people that have no sense og basic stastitics and backs op his claims. And more!

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, and host of “StarTalk Radio.” His newest book, “Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization,” is available now. www.haydenplanetarium.org/tyson/

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39 thoughts on “Joe Rogan: Neil On How Casinos NEEDS Stupid People!!! Gambling & Basic Statistics”

  1. I sports gamble, but I bet VERY VERY small sums of money. Every NFL season I deposit $100 into my betting account and when that goes bust I'm done. Out of the 3 years I've done this I've lost all my money 2 of those years and one of those years I cashed out for $235. Gambling is not a good way to make money. Its a great way to lose money.

  2. Hah jokes on you in my country the state lottery is regulated by the blye politicians & they would never steal lie or cheat us out of money ………… o wait

  3. This topic brings up a theory that’s been brewing in my head the past few months… for those who don’t know, Nevada is constantly in the bottom 3 in education in the country. I think a lot of that is by design. They need people slaving away in the casinos

    Edit: funny that Neil brought up school in the video after I typed this lol

  4. Stats was part of California 8th grade Math. 😛 It's also a sub-section of either California High School Geometry or California HS Algebra II. In fact Stats and Gambling was part of the 8th grade Math standards. There was a whole lesson on how all Casino odds are against you. A lot of teaching of blackjack in that class.

  5. Sounds smart then wonders why the lottery puts into education, the reason why kids dont learn it till 12 is because its abit tricky working out percentages and statistics.

  6. I’m more in control when I’m under the influence and the world mine! Reo speedwagon “nothing goin to stop us now”. Saying we can never reach the ultimate high!!! If there is physics that can calculate wants needs etc with numbers. It’s impossible to reach the ultimate high. And hey I’m no preacher. Maybe Jesus is the way!! 😂

  7. I remember when Joe had a winner on Fear Factor bet half his winnings from the show on one hand of Blackjack. Of course the hand was rigged – no chance for the contestant to cut the cards or anything. He should have asked to play a hand of Baccarat so he could have picked either side and maybe won.

  8. I used to go to Vegas about 2 times a year, mostly just for fun. I was never the guy that was like "I'm gonna bankrupt this place!". When they opened 3 casinos in Detroit, I started going very often because I lived 20 minutes from them. Eventually I became that guy that was certain I'd have that huge win one day. I moved to Jacksonville in early 2022 and I gotta be honest, I'm happy the nearest casino is like 4 hours away. That helps my lack of will power to just go all the time.

  9. I don't know what the psychological term would be, but when you go to a craps table and see people shelling out a pile of $100's to play–the first time you see it, you're amazed. How could people simply toss out that much money out like it's nothing with a high probability of losing it? But stand at the table long enough and see that happening so often, it becomes commonplace and almost to the point where you're willing to shell out $100's yourself. It's not the FOMO concept (though that plays heavily into it the longer you stay), but you become numb to the impact of shelling out that much money.

  10. Ha! My girl did that when we were playing monopoly. Almost always got the opposite of the result that she was looking for. I remember looking at her like “why”😂

  11. Sorry that not everyone is as intelligent as DeGrasse Tyson. Most people go to casinos knowing they're going to lose. It's called having a good time. Sure, there are people that can't control themselves and lose everything. Tyson is so pompous. What a dbag.

  12. Only 5% of gamblers long-term are winners. Those people have statistics patients extra money. It takes a lot to be a professional gambler or a successful Gambler in any means. Don't even gamble. Stay away please

  13. Casinos are a blast , theirs a wheel I like to play only costs a dollar to bet. Takes a while to spin unlike slots, when I do win take a break run around a bit. I spend like 50 bucks at most. Last time I went I won 80 bucks.

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