I Stayed in the Cheapest Room at Fremont Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!

Today we are staying in the newly renovated standard king room at Fremont Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas! Come along as we explore the casino, try some dining options, and more!

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29 thoughts on “I Stayed in the Cheapest Room at Fremont Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!”

  1. Well done…. looked like fun and not packed. The dinner looked so good as did the lunch. Price for food was reasonable with good portions. Thanks for doing a great review.

  2. Hey Ruby. I enjoy your videos. As for advice with the video poker machines they actually have cards similar to those you can use for playing blackjack that tell you what your best play is given various hands.

  3. Sorry ur wrong!? Lol! The D weekdays is around 29 plus resort fees and tax comes to between 60 and 70 a night!!!!?? Not 90! I stayed downtown all the time first thing I do is walk out onto Fremont Street and look at the show don't know why you didn't show anybody that?

  4. in case people dont know if it wasnt mentioned in the video. freemont hotel now to charge resort fees!
    guess it was only a matter of time and here it is,must be to pay for the renovations.
    The web site now seems to grade most of the rooms as one category that is deluxe,there where two grades before standard and deluxe.
    they must have renovated all the rooms in the two towers and are selling them as a single category,there still is the deluxe suite.
    dont know if this helps the freemont a lot of people would have choose this hotel based on location and the no resort fee,they are more inclined to look at other hotels in the downtown area,if they have to pay a resort fee,they will no longer single this hotel out from any other in the area.
    It must be only a matter of time for those few hotels still not charging a resort fee,to join the rest

  5. I love King rooms, they are for the most part so unpredictable at times. I feel like these are hidden features and are very subtle between a King room catered to one person, and then a little more spacious for a secondary!

  6. I spotted a legend at 04:28, Mr. Anthony Curtis! If you want to know about gambling (specifically advantage); AC is the person to talk to. Although, I suspect he prefers the buffet to the new food court. Video poker it's important to pay attention to the pay tables. The ideal pay table for bonus poker is 8/5 (coins for a full house/flush). You were playing 7/5 bonus poker. Invest in a video poker simulator to ensure you are playing the optimal strategy and practice, practice, practice. The royal flush in my pic was on a 9/6 Jacks or Better (99.54% expected return) at a Chicago casino. Luck favors the prepared.

  7. Hi ruby, awesome and informative video 🙂

    One thing I would love to recommend would be exploring some hotels around Vegas that are PET FRIENDLY and sharing any pet stay policies for hotels. Thank you for your time 🤙🏽

  8. We love your videos and in fact will be landing there a week from this Sunday and utilizing your video content suggestions. Is alcohol served free to you when you play inexpensive video poker? Thank you TONS!!!

  9. Love the channel! Just one thing I want to say. Can y’all disclose when these hotels contact y’all to do a review? I support y’all growing the channel by any means, but it’s kind of obvious.

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