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Ignore this I wanted to see if It worked:
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35 thoughts on “*GTA 5 ONLINE* BEST CASINO GAME TO MAKE CHIPS (Gta 5 Money Method)”

  1. people say its around a 4/10 chance to win but when i play i feel like i have a 7/10 chance. i almost always win nd i made 125k in 5 minutes

  2. It seems every time someone records these videos they have crazy luck. Maybe try turning on your recording software and it’ll change the outcome of the bet

  3. In real life, it would be close to 50/50 however Rockstar have rigged it. Notice how the ball doesn't drop into the middle until after bets are taken? The game takes into account your bets and so your chances are not 50/50 more like 4/10.

  4. A different method. Far different then how I do it. Ha i believe my method is at least 3 years old. No quitting no changing suits. You tell the ball where to land. You earn about $2mil each time you win. No ban

  5. And just like in real life, the chance of winning at rulette is not 50%-50% because you have 0 and 00 that are marked with Green color and that fuckes up the math so is like 48% for red and 48% for black

  6. Feb 2021 still works! I just started gta literally on level 10 so I could not afford penthouse. Did this with max outsider bet of 5000 chips and made 100,000k in about an hour or less thanks man. I’m on PS4 if any new players want to add me psn: kymeetra345

  7. All you gotta do for the people that need help when you enter the casino and you buy chips force save your game by switching your outfits and then go to any gambling table and bet the max amount and play and everytime you win switch your outfit again so it force saves and if you lose restart your application and you wont lose anything

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