The NFL's New Love of the Gambling Industry

This week we’re looking at how the National Football League has gone from fighting gambling at every opportunity to fully embracing the gambling industry. The NFL has partnered with casinos, allowed gaming sponsorships and the coaches are talking about real money Fantasy Football. We also have an update on the lawsuit against the Department of Justice over online gambling. Links to gambling news stories, games reviews and special offers below.

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✴️ Justice Department Wire Act Shell Game ✴️
The Department of Justice continues to try to dodge the question of whether or not its reversal opinion on the reach of the United States’ 1961 Wire Act and interstate communications applies to state-run lottery enterprises. In another supplemental filing offered by the DOJ and the US Attorney’s Office in the lawsuit brought by New Hampshire and its lottery entities, the DOJ again evades the question of whether that re-re-interpreted law applies to those lotteries.

In the most recent filing, submitted on April 25, DOJ attorneys again try to have it both ways. In response to New Hampshire’s most recent filing regarding the reach of the term “whoever”, which is an important legal point within the 1961 act, the DOJ continues to dispute New Hampshire’s assertions and motion for summary judgment. Instead, the DOJ continues to argue that the issue of whether the Wire Act applies to lotteries is still “under review”, and since the DOJ hasn’t decided, New Hampshire’s case should be dismissed.


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