GTA 5 ill Gotten Gains DLC Update Casino Easter Egg ? Released Same Day As Real Life Casino (GTA 5)

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47 thoughts on “GTA 5 ill Gotten Gains DLC Update Casino Easter Egg ? Released Same Day As Real Life Casino (GTA 5)”

  1. This is going to be the same thing as red dead redemption, if people are losing money they will go to dashboard and done deals, you are not a winner lol… I got a feeling this whole casino ,is garbage

  2. Hey I got a question. I got 5 million dollars in GTA online from grinding on heists. If I want ONLY 3 vehicles from the dlc, do you guys think I would be able to afford all 3 cars if they all are going to be under $1 mill?

  3. Is the update gonna fix the Gta online freezing cuz when I play Gta online for 40 min it freezes it's not my game not a scratched on it so please replay asap

  4. That's probably why it took so long,maybe they have been working on this since the festive surprise and they gonna give us a summer surprise

  5. they are never gonna do it. what if you go all in with bmack jack with 1 million and you win 3 million in max 1min can't be. it's to easy

  6. If R*ockstar was smart they would see that real casinos make money off of peoples addiction to gambling and open the casinos to help sell more shark cards. But I love poker so let's see some Texas hold um tournaments.

  7. Hey dynamic go to the pier and go near the ferris weel there is a new like ride i guess in development its like cool and all it says out of order but k

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