Driving Empire Made a HUGE Mistake.. (Here's Why)

Driving Empire made a HUGE mistake and in this video, I’ll tell you why in this video.

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47 thoughts on “Driving Empire Made a HUGE Mistake.. (Here's Why)”

  1. I miss the good old days when the game first released, wayfort was sick. And there was no 3 year olds with galaxy wraps and lime green wheels with the highest suspension possible.

  2. I sort of agree with the public but also as a DE player, I don't think it's that bad. People are arguing with the developers and shouting at them about why they did this but you have to understand that this might just be a one-time event. If you have a good game you probably want money who would not. The devs will fix this they gave us a great update with the houses and more to come. Just wait this update out its not the end of the world if they added creates.

  3. If people are mad at this they need to be more mad at pet simulator whose entire revenue basically comes from children gambling like I’m pretty sure pet sim has way more rule breaking stuff in terms of gambling, literally everything is “do you want to buy epic dog for 10000 robux with a 0.0001% chance”

  4. Even the standard crate is a scam i spent 8 million dollar and I didn't get any of the top 3 cars they did that so we would force ourselves to buy in-game cash with rubox and that leads to real money they are just a money hungry organization

  5. Honestly we need to somehow get rid of voldex cuz whst they have done to DE is crazy they are ruining the game. I want old DE back without voldex

  6. Just an even bigger issue is that they don’t let us criticize it, some people got banned for it alr. (Before they gave up on moderating us)

  7. I hate the update not because of gambling but because the chances of you getting a good car are low. I sold my Corvette just to get more money and I keep getting 1 star cars. I sold those cars to keep gambling but now I lost everything, and I'm stuck with only 13k. They should just give our stuff back and remove that update because it's really unfair.

  8. still considering Unboxing system as Gambling. damn Communism.
    well Unboxing system is been to all simulators and clicker games.
    well the first one with Unboxing system is Case Clicker (LUA Game)
    its been generations of newer games have unboxing system.
    Case clicker is dead but barely have less players. but alot of games are getting inspired from Case Clicker.
    mostly Simulator games. and Hatching system is also considered as Unboxing system.

    DE did this for reason, the owner needs robuxs to pay the Devs. because the Devs didnt get any income profit at all. because of being f2p game. Devs work hard for it but didnt get any income.
    some Devs would complain for not having in-come, also for Contributors too.
    they need to get paid by the owner of the game, a robuxs. well Devs working for games for just robuxs in-come profit.

    Fun Fact: Devs are being a noobs all the time, they use a easy method to earn robuxs to just to work for someone's game.

    Mostly Car Dealership tycoon Devs also need robuxs. Foxzie paid them a robuxs, from Game in-come profit.
    but half of robuxs per devs + contributors.

    Even Pet Simulator X. Preston paid the Devs cuz of their hardwork.

    well Hardwork = Prize or reward.

  9. Hello,am a Kid and I don’t even have robux why they put robux there something wrong happening to driving empire this not fair ppl who don’t have robux they are literally mad like me,driving empire you have to fix it

  10. IN MY OPINION, I don't think gambling is a good thing because gambling is never good no matter which part of the world you are, and if you gambled out your real money just to get some stupid cars then you a clown 🤡🤷🏽‍♂️. My main concern is that I heard they planing on getting other car brands removed from DE and the car manufacturers can end up turning their attention to SWFL and GV, if that happens then it's game over quite literally for everyone.

  11. Well not only De is a gambling But if you know pet simulator x one pets or 3 pet is like 3k robux I don't think De is that much of drama compare to pet sim z and X

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