You'll Love These :Top Shelf Old Fashioned, Craft Beer and Casinos, & Stone Cold RTDs

00:02 Welcome to The Boozebuddy Update
Top Shelf Old Fashioned, Craft Beer and Casinos, & Stone Cold RTDs (& Happy Homebrewing Legalization Day)

00:14 Gold Fashioned
Top Shelf RTD says it’s better than your bartender, Gold Fashioned is back. I’d try it. Details at the link

01:08 Brewdog Las Vegas
Craft Beer and Casinos as the worlds biggest craft beer maker Brewdog is about to open on the Las Vegas Strip. Head to the link for more, and maybe plan your trip

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02:14 Stone Brewing Buenafiesta Margarita RTDs
Stone Cold RTDs – are coming in four flavors as Stone Brewing is about to unleash a new product Buenafiesta Margaritas. To get the details,

03:05 Boozebuddyupdate.com
Remember to stay safe, drive sober and support the booze that supports your local community. Have a comment, question or suggestion? Reach out to me boozebuddyupdate.com

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