Working as a Live Dealer in a Live Casino

Ever wondered how it’s like to work as a Live Dealer in a live casino? This is a video from Netent, showcasing how it’s like to live and work in Malta.

24 thoughts on “Working as a Live Dealer in a Live Casino”

  1. not a nice job but ofc they act in the video like its great to work as a live dealer..
    i tell u know why it sucks.. (very much)
    very bad salary, also can not get tips from users
    very terrible work schedule (which will affect ur sleep schedule negative as well)
    always be insulted from players that lose, no one will really like u
    always sitting and be annoyed constantly from diffrent blinding lights, like camera lights.
    no chance to improve ur job position, ur career will just stuck
    helping casinos to make millions while u will earn almost nothing, even u do the important part
    and i think there are even more reasons why it sucks to work as a live dealer.. 😉

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