Women Gambling Addiction UK | Problem Gambling Stories | I Lost £70000 Gambling

Welcome. My name is Jonathan Vencatachellum recovering alcoholic and gambling addict, clean and sober since October 10, 2021. As per the title of this video being Women Gambling Addiction UK | Problem Gambling Stories | I Lost £70000 Gambling, we go over Sally Williams Daily Mail Online publication dated 12 December 2021 entitled – I lost £70000 trying to numb my pain. In this article, Sally Williams interviews the cousin of a woman gambler who got hooked on gambling because of trauma suffered. Women Gambling Addiction UK is starting to surface much more often than had been the case. Such problem gambling stories come out every few other days in the news, which shows the alarming rate at which the addiction is spreading and being shot to public attention, not just in the UK, but worldwide. In this article, Sally Williams interviews Professor Henrietta Bowden Jones, a consultant psychiatrist and gambling addiction specialist founder of the National Problem Gambling Clinic in London, who provides her views on trauma, addiction and woman gambling.


00:00 – Intro
01:06 – The Daily Mail Article
01:44 – Professor Bowden-Jones
03:22 – Men vs Women Gamblers
03:43 – Responsibilities of Women
05:36 – Factors for Women Gambling
06:06 – Signs of Gambling Addiction
08:08 – Conclusion

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4 thoughts on “Women Gambling Addiction UK | Problem Gambling Stories | I Lost £70000 Gambling”

  1. I would never have said I was a gambler, or a gambling addict. I enjoyed playing table games and generally played with money I was willing and able to afford to lose though I started to notice myself redepositing to try and recoup some losses instead of just cutting my losses and walking away. I ended up burning through an extra £1000 over a course of a month, this isnt huge amounts of money but it felt huge to me when I had nothing to show for it.
    At this point I enable depositing limits and set it at such a low amount, that if I lost I simply could not redeposit and I have been successful with 3 out of 7 online casinos I have used, to not allow my deposit limits to be changed for 1 full week before they take affect, so I cannot just impulse change them and wait a messly 24 hours. The other 4 were unable to provide such a facility but I use them rarely so Im not too fussed.
    Overall, gambling should be enjoyable, not all about making money but having a good time, especially in a real casino, its about the experience, the people you meet and the conversations you have. Its trying to find the balance between gaming and gambling. Its an awful slippery slope for some people, especially those who are in dire need of money, seeing crazy win videos on YouTube just fuels that desire and belief that they can turn their £100 into £10000. I dont believe gambling should be banned outright, but advertising needs to be curbed significantly, even though a skewed report provided "evidence" that gambling adverts, especially during matches, do not entice new gamblers, but existing gamblers, to draw them from one website to another… That is still part of the fucking problem, these "gamblers", some more than likely addicts but in denial, are continually being drawn from one provider to another with these "deals" and "increased odds" etc.
    I read gambling addicting is the one addiction with the highest relapse rates and lowest recovery rates, and it is so readily available and not looked at the same way as tobacco, cocaine, alcohol… Crazy. I wonder what the UK govs. tax rates are for gambling providers?
    Also, this was during a cocaine addiction. I still suffer from a cannabis addiction, which is eating my bank balance apart. I have aspirations, but I need capital for this, I just need to curb my cannabis consumption to a reasonable level or to none at all. Removing this barrier, enables me to save capital over a number of months and I can strive towards my goals.

    Good luck with your abstinence, thank you very much for the video!

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