William Hill Super Bowl Betting Debacle

📺 This week’s gambling news is all about the recent troubles for William Hill sports betting in Nevada! First up, the William Hill app crashed just prior to the Super Bowl betting frenzy! Second, they are shelling out tens of thousands in “free sports bets” to make up for the crash! And third, the Nevada Gaming Control Board just busted a William Hill embezzlement scheme by some of their employees! This week’s special offer is from Wicked Bet:


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🔰Video Chapters:
▪️ 00:00 – Welcome to This Week in Gambling
▪️ 00:50 – Super Bowl Betting Records
▪️ 01:14 – William Hill App Crashes
▪️ 02:25 – Gaming Control Board Investigation
▪️ 02:46 – How Much did William Hill App Crash Cost?
▪️ 03:09 – William Hill “Free Sports Bets”
▪️ 04:21 – Cashman Kingdom Slot Machine
▪️ 04:47 – William Hill embezzlement
▪️ 05:36 – End Tag

William Hill Super Bowl Bets:
On the biggest sports betting day in America, the William Hill app crashed for bettors in the state of Nevada just prior to kickoff. Some players were unable to place bets on the William Hill betting app. What could be worse? How about the players who placed bets before the crash not being able to collect their winnings! Some were told that there will be no payouts. Now, the Nevada Gaming Control Board is getting involved and investigating the issues. In a statement to local news outlets the Board said they were “aware of the issue” and that their agents are currently investigating the matter. #WilliamHillApp #SuperBowlBetting #WilliamHillAppCrash #SportsBetting

William Hill Embezzlement:
A William Hill embezzlement operation was detected and stopped up by the Nevada Gaming Control Board recently. Unfortunately, this was not until the criminals had pilfered over $100,000 from the company. Control Board Agents were tipped to the thefts back in December, when William Hill reported potential fraud to the agency using internal information from their sports betting kiosks. And while the full impact of the crime has not been disclosed, the company (which is owned by Caesars) has well over a hundred sportsbooks locations in the state. There have been no public comments about the William Hill embezzlement operation from the company or from Caesars. However, public records of court documents name two individuals: Shravan Singh, who is charged with embezzlement, forgery, and more; and Paige Steiner, who is facing nearly 300 charges related to burglary, grand larceny, and conspiracy. #WilliamHillEmbezzlement #WilliamHill

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