Why Mr K Dislikes The Casino Heist Schedule | No-Pixel 3.1

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41 thoughts on “Why Mr K Dislikes The Casino Heist Schedule | No-Pixel 3.1”

  1. Probably would have came to an agreement to switch, too bad K didn't ask…. CB had the same thing happen, they need to squash the short term beef imo oh well hindsight is 20/20

  2. If Kebun actually used his brain and tried to speak ooc about some problems many things would've been done smoothly since 2.0 but instead he choosed to make things awkward and hard for others for his own benefits .

  3. He would hate it when he’s tryna steal the content (or pixels. Neither is better) from the others when they’re tryna do it the right way and creating a million times better content than they ever can by roleplaying as themselves bein sweats

  4. Hope they find something tomorrow or the cesspool of accusation continue. And if they dont they kinda deserve it to an extent.

  5. even though i don't like how mr k is handling all this it does suck he won't really be able to participate for a while :

  6. Cg been salty the whole Heist since cb unlocked it. Hell they took the day off the other day and didn’t even try it. Then come back the next day all of sudden … guys it’s room 503 and tried to get the unlock through cameras setting them up. But didn’t even attempt to get in and rammee constantly watching clips while streaming. Which clearly has meta in it. Why even bother watching clips when you know a new heist is going on. Easy way to avoid meta is stop watching clips while people are making progress. Then they got mad at when cb didn’t come back. After they was caught looking around trying to get the unlock.

  7. Only thing that sucks is when it's their turn they won't figure out anything and it'll be even more blatant meta when they "mysteriously" know every step that cb have done already

  8. To me this is just entitlement but they "found" in hours what CB took days so why they crying.
    Its just a dayoff for them to watch the letspaly casino heist and speedrun it.

  9. We'll see how far they get on the next heist when Dean says every heist will be gang specific, so no more randoms showing up to do VAR and some guy "Freddy" giving you the meta unlock, and no chance of meta gaming because the puzzles will be different. LMAO RIP CG 🤣🤣

  10. Idk why he's crying, no group at all would be able to progress if CB didn't figure out the riddle, and they've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in trial runs and everyone doesn't have to waste as much bc they're gonna meta

  11. I 100% think Lang could be convinced to switch days with them for the right reason. X may be unreasonable and hold grudges, but Lang typically isn't like that. Now, if the situation were reversed, I think there would be 0% chance CG would even consider swapping lol

  12. It’s fair bc cb goes Wednesday so cg has a whole day to watch clips and then they can one shot everything on Thursday and both groups will be even on progress

  13. Ok… we’ll if k doesn’t like the schedule I’ll just say it, I don’t like the way cg metaed all the way through the entire heist DESKCHAN

  14. "really think cb gonna swap a day with us?" my guy if you talk to Buddha and Anthony they will pay you to swap a day lol. Both of them and even sykk are gonna be hella busy around Sunday and Monday. And if that not accurate they for sure a gonna be busy in a few days.

  15. To everyone saying K has problems coz he's not around on Thursday. Postponing is a thing and other grps would love to do it on Thursday.

  16. Lets be honest if cg didn’t meta game they wouldn’t have a clue where to start ok so all the cg fanboys should be happy Felix even set up the schedule with dean cry baby cucks

  17. "You really think CB will swap a day with us?" He says it like CB is the unresonable group. What is so hard with asking to switch ooc saying you wont be around Thursday lmao

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