UK To Class Loot Boxes As Gambling & Video Game Addiction | Marvel’s Woke Warriors CANCELLED?

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0:00 – The end of Marvels Woke Warriors?
3:24 – UK to clamp down on Loot Boxes in Video Games

9 thoughts on “UK To Class Loot Boxes As Gambling & Video Game Addiction | Marvel’s Woke Warriors CANCELLED?”

  1. This what when you hire activist who pretend to be fans and now the true fans are finally pushing back. The fans that these hypocrites attacked on social media. The big wigs are seeing the truth "You give us good stories, listen to us and don't treat us like shit. And we will give you our money." And this is said as my favorite publisher had always been marvel. But trying to replace established characters with minorities just for a blue check mark or changing an established characters sexual orientation so that character can appeal to a demographic that doesn't read comic books or making all female characters look less feminine because some SJWs complained or put politics over story telling in every comic just to push an agenda. This is not why Stan Lee made the Marvel Readers Bill of Rights, but they wouldn't know that because they attacked his legacy not long after he died.

  2. I never gave a second thought about gay characters or female leads just about how good the game was then all these people came in saying all this shit now I can't think about a game with a female lead or gay character without thinking "O those fucking bastards probably did this"

  3. this what i got to say about overpriced skins and loot boxes .read the story of Narcissus . from Greek mythology . it ok to get skin and DLC if you control yourself and don't spend a lot but at a point .it becomes not about the game but about how you look when you play in the game .

  4. 4:02 what is worrying . loot boxes are designed to take advantages of what in the industry call "whale" i know is bad to call a person that but if 10% of the game players are "whale" . then it will worth it to have loot boxes :/ . i know someone who spend so much money that they could bought a new car and even married .i think even some companies hire literally people who is from the casino industry and psychologist to know how to allure people to buy them . me or you have self control but not everyone have it what is sad thing .

  5. 3:25 if you can hit sport games like EA fifa . aka : cutting the issues from it routes . that will be welcomed change for sure but i know they will start selling skins like fortnite (overpriced skins like if the game is sort of bad mmo) actually i think publishers nowadays still have loot boxes but they make sure there model work to be changed to DLC based in case loot box got banned.

    so the best you can do as consumer is to not buy it if the game is bad and not worth it and the monetization is shady . if the game is free but get updated with real content and the dev care about the game and there is no bad monetization . And most important . you enjoy the game . then buying stuff imo is ok .but you free to spend your money as you like but please for the love of god. first spend your money with better dev then with one who wants to nickel and dime you.

  6. 1:06 "a cyclop that's basically a Karen" . oh no . long ago nerds and people who enjoyed entertainment . lived in harmony . then everything changed when the Karen nation attacked .

  7. It's good to be British.

    …Not just that us Brits are some of sanest people in a world that has just gone mad, but also because we can live with faith that we have helped to stop loot-boxes. Good luck to the other countries fighting this eternal war.

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