UK Officials Say Loot Boxes Are Gambling In Damning Report

A thoroughly damning report published by the House of Commons has said that loot boxes should be considered the same way gambling is and be subject to the same regulations. It argues children should be outright barred from accessing them.

The newly published Immersive and Addictive Technologies report has an entire section on loot boxes where it pretty much validates everything I’ve been saying on the matter. Of particular note, FIFA came under heavy fire, and the game industry itself was called out for a lack of honesty in discussing loot boxes.

I read the juicy highlights of the report, but you can read the full thing here:

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20 thoughts on “UK Officials Say Loot Boxes Are Gambling In Damning Report”

  1. If the game is free I havnt got a problem, it’s triple A games I have an issue with FIFA NBA are the worst offenders and need regulation

  2. FIFA is ridiculous. I wish players would boycott that game and the other sports games where you have to pay money to unlock players. A 1% chance to unlock a player is just unfair. I hope loot boxes are outlawed because it is gambling. What happened to studios just making games you have to buy and that's it? Gamers spending thousands of dollars on FIFA is terrible.

  3. "gain of loot boxes don't have a real financial value"
    Ever heard of account reselling, with price indexed with the loot earn in lootboxes ? Those douchebags don't even (want to) know what they're player do after they shat the bed

  4. Blade and sorcery is a better Star Wars game than anything ea has put out, and it’s being developed ostensibly by one guy and the only reason it classifies as Star Wars is mods, get ur shit together EA

  5. I think about that Killer7 character you briefly cut to saying "I'm talkin' people with the energy to…BEAT OFF FOUR OR FIVE TIMES A DAY!!" at least once a month. Cam Clarke, you magnificent bastard.

  6. I would love to see Jim asked to talk about loot boxes in some official manner, like in a congressional committee or something like that.

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