Top Best Poker Scenes from Movies

Here are my top picks for the best poker scenes. There were tons of more, I didn’t get to put some valid candidates because the video would turn out too long.

Movie Names:
1. Casino Royale
2. Rounders
3. Casino Royale

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27 thoughts on “Top Best Poker Scenes from Movies”

  1. Bond scene is so unreal since it is imposible to bluff in this situation, you either have the straight flush or you don’t. No poker expert would ve called in le chiffres position

  2. I’m sorry but seriously?! This as narrow minded as you are? You do realize this loyalty by acknowledging other scenes isn’t anything anyone cares about and you’re not genuine to what you release now because you can’t have an open mind

  3. The Casino Royale scene is good for just the average viewer that isn’t too experienced at poker but if you are actually good at poker you will know that the dealer is talking wayy too much and the odds of all those hands being so good is next to nothing, I hated that scene.

  4. For all you calling this unreasonable, it's not, if you play enough poker often this shit happens. Is it regular NO, rare NO, but if you play even just an hour a day, this shit will happen, it's just poker folks, sorry.

  5. Almost any hand in The Cincinnati Kid with Steve McQueen and Edward G. Robinson was better than the Bond shots, the last hand was better than the Rounders.

  6. The amazing part about the bond scene is the dealer made sure to announce Bond had the high hand and was on the board for the $300 half hour high hind bonus.

  7. There is only one problem with the scene with casino royale and that is when you are called the one who calls shows his hand LAST and the one being called shows his hand first. The one doing the calling after seeing the hand may show their hand or not if they lost.

  8. The Bond scenes are just sad. There have always been plenty of people in the movie industry that know enough about poker to get it right. They should also have known that at the time of that movie, a large part of the viewers would know enough about poker to see the scenes as wrong and over-the-top cheesy, which Craig's Bond portrayal had mostly moved away from.

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