Top 5 Gambling Films Ever Made

Our list of the best gambling films of all time.
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Gambling is the perfect compliment to great cinema. It’s tense, highly skilled and puts everything on the line. Casino gambling is all about how you conduct yourself and hide your tells. There’s nothing that lets you into a character’s mindset better than how they hold themselves under pressure. This can be done to create drama, discover the absurdity of people, or reveal their relationships to their other players.

Here we have a list of the top gambling films in cinema history. This is an opinion piece, but we think, we’ve narrowed down the most diverse and interesting films that include gambling as a backbone to the story.

Starting with Rain Man, we look at the story of Raymond Babbit, searching for his long lost autistic brother, Charlie Babbit, in the wake of his father’s death. What starts out as Raymond using Charlie as a bargaining chip, eventually becomes a story about the brothers coming to understand one another. The motional pay off of this is as they try to count cards in Las Vegas. It’s a major scene of bonding in the film and one of the reasons why it’s one out favourite inclusions of gambling in any film, used so effortlessly as a framing device for their relationship.

Rat Race is one billionaire’s attempt to make a whole new type of gambling experience. Get people to race across America for millions of dollars, while the world’s elite bet on the outcome. It’s a hilarious farce, all brought about because of one man’s obsession with making a new type of gambling game.

21 stars Kevin Spacey and focuses on the real life story of 5 MIT students who took Vegas for millions by counting cards at Blackjack. Hollywood added heaps of drama not found in the original tale, but the story of people taking thinking their way around Las Vegas security is gripping nonetheless.

Casino Royale was the big reboot of bond. So it made sense that most of the action would take place in the casino. Well it does to us anyway. The battle is fought in Poker strategies. No guns, just confidence and lies. It’s really gripping stuff and the high stakes Poker adds more tension than any gunfight.

Trading Places stars Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy. A homeless man and a rich stockbroker whose lives are switched when 2 billionaires have a bet. The bet is simple. Is a man defined by his situation or himself. Well they cast one onto the street and employ the other. Who wins the bet? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Hopefully we help you find your new favourite gambling film or movie in general. We’ve tried to give the most diverse gambling film experience with this list. We hope you enjoy it.

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