Top 10 Terrifying Places In North America That Are Pure Evil – Part 2

Top 10 Terrifying Places In North America That Are Pure Evil – Part 2
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These places are terrifying because they are filled with pure evil and paranormal activity. Whether you’re an avid believer in the supernatural or not, you won’t be able to resist the spookiness of these locations! Let’s get into the Top 10 Terrifying Places In North America That Are Pure Evil – Part 2.

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0:00 Printers Alley
13:57 Old Washoe Club
28:11 Maple Hill Cemetery
42:01 USS Kid
55:25 Stranahan House
1:06:57 Toltec Mounds

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 Terrifying Places In North America That Are Pure Evil – Part 2”

  1. I've been to the Pioneer Saloon. We were there for an hour or so, but didn't see anything spooky. The guys working there said they'd never seen any ghosts either. I did meet the town tramp who pronounced Harrah's Casino as "Huh rahh's". Probably went to school with this girl.

  2. You guys should make a channel same as this but for adults only so we can hear certain things you can't say on this. I mean bot being able to say killed murdered and words like torture it's freaking crazy to me.

  3. My parents worked in the hotel industry for years. I remember one of those hotels having no 13th floor. They had, in this order, rooms 12A, 12B, then 14.

  4. They and I are Canadian. We are naturally without the right USA accents so quit complaining 🇨🇦😂 My friends here in Canada make fun of me because I have a Louisiana accent. I only lived there for 5 years as an adult. All the rest of my life has been here in Canada yet I cannot lose the Louisiana accent 😂🤭

  5. The most scary thing about the Hoover Dam is when I was on the tour I went in tunnel and the lights went off for ten seconds right at spot they said they believe a persons body was located when lights flickered back on there was a small leak water was trickling down and he took wad of gum he was chewing and placed it on leak we asked him if it was okay to leave it that way he said it happens all the time they will come down and fill it and then popped more gum in his mouth then we went to the turbines and they had to shut down four in front of us as problems with pipes as water was all over floor most likely was a crack in pipe which could be why lights flickered is what I thought never went back I would not even go on top

  6. Some advice. If you are going to do a "terrifying" video dont have a narrator that sounds like a Valley Girl. And also, get one that can pronounce words properly. Sheez….

  7. Growing up with an Aunt who is a retired newspaper editor. I literally have a issue with the mispronounced words. Good video but a little Google translate would be highly appreciated.

  8. Uhhh Excuse Me?!? 😂Did she really say “where the ghosts CONJUGATE,” ?? I’m hoping she meant “congregate”… if not, I have quite a few questions 😅

  9. I can confirm that Louisiana's old state capitol has something going on. I sanded some of the floors there. I never knew the story though. We thought we were tripping. A few things happened while nobody else was on that floor. We looked around to make sure nobody else was on that floor. Nobody. The room with all of the chairs in one of those pictures is on the 2nd story. We sanded that room along with a stage about a month or so ago. The stairs go from the 1st floor to the 2nd. Really nice building.

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