Top 10 Terrifying Places Around The World That Are Pure Evil- Part 2

Top 10 Terrifying Places Around The World That Are Pure Evil- Part 2
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The world is full of mysterious and creepy places we should stay away from. From ghost ships to Rasputin’s apartment, let’s talk about the Top 10 Terrifying Places Around The World That Are Pure Evil- Part 2.

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Time Codes:
0:00 Kusovnikov House
11:32 Rasputin’s Apartment
20:23 Hoover Damn
31:44 Ghost Ship
42:54 Basin Park Hotel
53:55 Forbing Tracks

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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Terrifying Places Around The World That Are Pure Evil- Part 2”

  1. If it matters, the word Quay, is not pronounced phonetically (Kway). It's a marine term for a concrete dock, loading platform, etc, and when properly pronounced, sounds like KEE… I tried to ignore it's mispronunciation, but I just couldn't, so please don't give me grief about it. Okway?

  2. That may be one of humanity’s all time WORST ARGUMENTS EVER over who OWNS PEOPLE BETTER…. Like I hope in afterlife or whatever EVERYONE calls them out and are like look…. Y’all see now how wrong you both were right??? The afterlife possibly is THE MOST AWKWARD PLACE EVER…. Can’t wait lol

  3. To those complaining about the constant censorship, if they hadn't done the censoring then either the videos would have gotten demonitized, and a lot of YouTubers make videos as a living and need to earn money. I agree that it was annoying and distracting, but keep in mind that these people need to pay rent and utilities and most likely wouldn't be able to if all of their videos got demonitized.

  4. Been to a few of these places. The Hoover Dam, the Clown Motel and Goldfield. Both the Clown Motel and Goldfield are on 95 in Nevada. The Goldfield Hotel was cool. The whole town is super interesting

  5. The censorship made everything wierd and difficult to listen to.

    Question: when is youtube just gonna go „yt is for 14/16/18 year olds and up or such so not our problem if your kids are on the platform, we got yt kids especially for them“? Or also what’s up with sponsors wanting money but then backtracking on vids that are clearly what people watch just because a hand full of prudes and fanatics tweet some BS?

    Y’all talk mainly about creepy, morbid, sad and/or horrible things…. So it’s never exactly „disney family friendly level“. 😅🙄

  6. I’m from St.Kitts and Nevis and I’ve never been to the Eden Estate but I would like to now knowing this but then again I’ve never heard anyone spoke about any supernatural phenomena happening at Eden Estate.

  7. Dude…. When I watch this channel, I want to kinda feel I am learning. When I hear you mispronounce very easy words I tend to immediately turn The channel. ‘’Eye Lits” is how you say islets. Peace and love. Please get better.

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