These ARE NOT The 10 Best Casinos In Las Vegas! INSANITY 😡

This top 10 list of best casinos in Las Vegas, is comical! Some of these hotels shouldn’t even be on a top 10 list, and the rankings for the hotels makes no sense at all…..

10 Best Las Vegas Casinos:

The Best Hotels On Fremont Street In Downtown Vegas:

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31 thoughts on “These ARE NOT The 10 Best Casinos In Las Vegas! INSANITY 😡”

  1. Whoever came up with this list need to be drug tested IMMEDIATELY. Paris Casino over Cosmo? No Circa? Why is the Plaza even on this list? They were smoking something that I think I will never try. Also agree with you on the Bellagio and CP. Both casinos are HUUUUUGE, but only pockets of them are really busy. Walked around both of them and others (including that ghost town Paris) and at CP only near the entrance was busy back by the cafe really wasn't. Bellagio had it's pockets too and alot of empty, shut down tables.

  2. Is this list upside down? Aria, Cosmo and Wynn are great. Add Planet Hollywood for sure. Best of the Caesars properties and far better than Paris. DTG and Plaza are fun but not top 10. The D is probably top 10 but barely. Good video sir!

  3. We love Harrahs… it fits our age group! We get great comps! Love the location.. we grab taxis to other casinos for entertainment or restaurants!
    The hotel and casino is not huge .. it is just the right size for us! And it is not confusing to find anything there! We keep going back to Harrahs because we are happy there!

  4. I think some people mistakenly took this as asking what casino is the best value for the money or what casino they enjoy gambling at the most or have the best luck at. Rather than what is the overall best hotel casino experience. Which is why it ended up with some small boutique downtown casino's over places like Wynn and Cosmo.

  5. Casino… The first thing is what do you determine as grading criteria. First has to be decent odds for gamblers. Then good dealers. Then layouts, cage, etc. Slot players want good odds on video poker. I'd think South Point, D, and Circa. I downgrade any Casino with 6-5 Blackjack, 3 Green Roulette, are auto downgrades. Afterall, a Casino with bad odds CANNOT be considered good for players.

  6. Wow Tim I don't even know what to think about this list that's why it is so important that you continue to put out positive and true content I think this list is a real joke:-) 🙂

  7. Controversial opinion: Aria should be ranked low because of the headache-inducing smell. Cosmo is ranked low because it doesn't have a poker room. Bellagio is ranked higher because it has the largest, most balanced poker room in all of Vegas and should be even ranked higher. Caesar's is ranked high because it has almost every kind of game so there is something for every taste. Plaza is ranked high because it has the best winning odds. While Wynn should be ranked higher it should never be in top 2 because every table game is way pricier than all other casinos so it is only catered to select super rich crowd.
    The rest of the list is ridiculous though. And no mention of NYNY with its cheap tables?!

  8. I mean it’s sort of relative. You are sort of viewing the ranking based on looks and people there. I do my (very personal based on just my money) ranking on odds and minimum bets, and stuff like that. I actually like Paris. And Casino Royale. And Ceasers has some decent tables in the morning.
    None of them look all that hot but I’m not there to look at the scenery

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