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12 thoughts on “THESE 3 Are Actually SCARY To Stay At!”

  1. The only thing creepy thing about Circus Circus is that it hasn't been updated its like walking into a time machine…Luxor although I didn't stay there but did walk it all around and even got into the employee quarters that place is kept really clean

  2. Stayed 5 days at the Luxor in a pyramid room on the 19th floor. At least twice a day the elevator would stop on the 17th floor. The #17 lit up in the panel like someone pushed that button, it would stop,ding and the doors would open. No one ever got on or off on the 17th floor. Super creepy when this happens and you’re the only one on the elevator. And the hallways to the rooms in the pyramids were creepy. Even when I was walking alone, I never felt alone. Always get like there was someone walking behind me but when I turned around, you guessed it, no one there.

  3. In the bathroom at Luxor main floor people have said the water will start running when you are in the stall and you will hear voices but no one is there.. And a person jumped landing in the buffet which is why they moved it.

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