The Puppets of Online Gambling

Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping at Manscaped with code PHILION at → is the world’s largest crypto casino valued at over 1 billion dollars. It is licensed in Curacao and operates out of Australia. is infiltrating pop culture via Twitch streamers (Adin Ross, Trainwreckstv, Roshstein), celebrity advertising (Drake, Israel Adesanya, Francis Ngannou) and sponsoring major corporations such as the UFC and Watford. This is how their media messaging affects audiences as a whole.

Welcome to the Dystopia.

Production/Visuals/Sound Design/Story : Philion
Cut by: Patty Trills :

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23 thoughts on “The Puppets of Online Gambling”

  1. I found this video after watching a bunch of videos by Xposed. I was questioning things after the second video tbh. I gamble online at betmgm and draftkings. I'm not a high roller by any means, I had $15 left in a paypal account and made a deposit. after 2 months i'm up to $175. it's not easy, I have to deal with the casino randomly disconnecting me and cancelling my bets. Casino's DO NOT want you to win, no matter how small an amount it is. My biggest fear is that I will win a large amount and the casino will lock my account and I won't be able to withdraw my winnings to pay the taxes on them. I record all my online gambling activity for my own protection.

  2. i think the funniest part about the whole thing with train is that he says he would've done it even without being sponsored, and that he's not promoting gambling at all. Like yeah, a gambling site is gonna pay you millions and give you all that with knowledge that they will be at a loss for it out of the kindness of their heart. Not because if you keep gambling huge amounts of money, you'll eventually run out and they'll no longer have a really big source of advertisement for their website. And them backing his streaming platform was definitely out of kindness as well, not because they want a whole platform with a "trustworthy" internet celebrity as the face of it to promote it even more without any restrictions. If his spending habits are as bad as they are believed to be, train would've been the slicker before slicker without all those sponsored streams.

  3. Wow glad I watched this video. I'm tired of working my 9-5 and am looking at all options to make money. Honestly had no idea about online casinos til now. This was first video that popped up when I typed in stake. Great video.

  4. As someone who works in Regulatory Compliance for online casinos for almost 10 years, it’s fun to watch YouTubers cover online casino regulation, especially Curacao.

    Unfortunately, if a country does not regulate its own market, it is more likely that operators will exploit and target the country. That is why I stray clear from operators with JUST a Curacao licence. They have terrible reputations and are more likely to get fined.

    Even the industry itself (and players) know that regulated markets are the way to go. These operators that are only active in grey markets don’t last very long

  5. train is very entertaining to watch, but he def is promoting gambling in general. Can't blame him since he got the bag but with how he always owned his faults im surprised he deflected so much when it came to promoting gambling.

  6. I lost around 150k gambling and for an indian average guy 24yo it's like 10-15 years of ass crushing hard work. For some people lifetime earning.. gambling destroyed Me the biggest i hit on slot was 1k the big wins are planted for big streamers so they lure people into the scam and make people lose money on slots to fill them if you know how slots work then when the slot is full these streamers are guided to them and the big jackpot is attached to their seed ik everything the biggest loss was 150k but it gave me biggest jackpot which is knowledge i hope people get it these people adin Ross drake xposed and all these junkass people are not giving away free money as a blessing it's done after lot of people blood and hard earned money is sucked in you won't win in casino at least not in online casino

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