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– We’re discussing the gambling news of the week (both good and bad), including Las Vegas Coronavirus issues. Nevada Governor Sisolak extended several COVID-19 related emergency directives last week, including limits on the size of public gatherings and a half-capacity restriction on indoor business occupancy. The governor’s order extends the expiring directives for the duration of the emergency with no specific expiration date. The Governor announced the continued closure of bars in certain Nevada counties, including Clark, late last week. He also extended the half-capacity occupancy requirement for business and a 50-person limit on public gatherings.

There is also gambling news from the Nevada Gaming Commission and Las Vegas Sands. Even as Nevada casinos fight their way back, the President of the Las Vegas Sands believes the economic hardships will continue until a vaccine is developed for COVID-19. He believes casinos across the state and in Las Vegas will struggle economically so long as the pandemic lasts. Links to gambling news stories and special offers below.

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Gambling News: Nevada Governor Extends Directives
Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak was making gambling news on Friday as he extended several COVID-19 related emergency directives that were set to expire at the end of July, including limits on the size of public gatherings and a half-capacity restriction on indoor business occupancy:
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