The Gambling Streamer Going Bankrupt For Views

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38 thoughts on “The Gambling Streamer Going Bankrupt For Views”

  1. Train is different, for sure. Him saying he's down so bad from gambling seems like bs though. He's in deep with Stake, and he's making $ buy the boatload not losing it.

  2. If you’re believing a single word that comes out of Trainwrecks mouth then more fool you, he’s actually a disgusting human being! No amount of guilt donations will change that fact, vile, abhorrent scumbag, anyone defending him are just using him in the hopes for some cash.

  3. I just can’t get over how he got popular just for screaming 👀🤣 like…..I got a headache after one clip of his rant, why would people PAY for that????? the internet is weird, man

  4. Trash. Has literally been the cause of thousands of parents losing their savings so his ego could get rubbed. He is so obviously just a trash toxic person.

  5. I know nobody will care about this, but Train absolutely isn't going bankrupt. He has more now than ever, frequently giving his friends huge amounts of money. We're talking 10's of thousand of dollars, in some cases hundreds of thousands.

  6. getting extremely angry when people ask you to stop your addiction is extremely relatable. i used to be addicted to weed and i would lash out when my friends would kindly ask me to stop because they loved me.

  7. I thought this was about gambling but i'm 11 minutes in and it's nothing but soft cry babies trying to get a dude banned on a streaming platform for honestly no reason at all. 'You sound like you weigh a lot" "OMFG OMGOMGOMGOMOGGMOMGO HOW DARE YOU1!!!!!1 YOU'RE EVIL OMG BNAN HIM!!!! "Like wtf ? How soft are people these days?

  8. Honestly I agree with a lot of what he said when he was explaining his actions, if he really is open about his finances. Draft Kings just came to my state and I guarantee you they will destroy far more families while being far less open and will recieve virtually none of the same negative feedback from these people.

  9. I mean it doesn’t matter who you agree with he’s right about the sports betting. Like you can’t ban all gambling except sports betting… that’s not how that works

  10. I had a moment where I thought about monetizing my addiction….I'm honestly glad I didn't cause the commentary videos on my self destruction would have been too much for my weak ego 🤣

  11. It's simple: Ban ALL gambling on Twitch, period. That includes loot boxes. Anything where you spend real money, either directly, or through "premium currency," that results in taking a chance on getting some kind of prize, be it in-game rewards or real money, should be banned from viewing. If a streamer is going to do that crap, they can hide the screen and sounds of the actions until they're done. If they can't do that, they should do so off stream. If their concern is to battle gambling addiction, STOP ALLOWING PEOPLE TO SHOW IT.

  12. how do they even get so deep into debt? Stake is providing them with infinite money? Normal people can get pretty nasty debts with gambling addiction but these debts aren't in millions. Eventually you'll exhaust methods of getting loans and that's it, that's the rock bottom. It's certainly not into millions for majority of people.

    I mean high stakes gambling streams do bring lots of viewers and lots of money for gambling operators – a high stakes gambler will eventually hit the jackpot and have that $10,000,000 win on stream (after spending twice as much on rolling). That win is going to be reposted on youtube as stream shots (like clips here in this video) and that is attracting people into it.

  13. All this video has done is make me sympathize with train. I mean literally he's the victim of all these double standards. He's doing all these charitable things while other streamers just give meaningless platitudes

  14. great videos. Boy the people in there today were pathetic, I actually feel sick from watching this. like a deep pit in my stomach from discovering that slot machines can actually get worse lmao. Also your ending song sucks I will sue you for causing me mild discomfort. I look forward to the next one

  15. I'm not watching the whole video but didn't he get paid $360m to promote gambling? I can't see how he's going bankrupt from this

  16. I might sound like some boomer, even though I am not even 30 but….

    …what kind of people are following stupid shits like this? I am literally embarrassed by proxy just by watching this video. This is beyond dumb.

  17. Yeah but he lost money he got for free to play with from the casino, and made 5/6 times more. The real losers are the viewers who were using their own credit

  18. Lmao poor choice putting Adam & Eve as your sponsor for a channel like this. Your viewers are either children or adult virgins taking a break from Reddit.

  19. I feel like he needs therapy, and not just for his gambling addiction. He seems like he's been bullied as a kid, and the whole Gordo ban situation affected him much more than what we thought. He genuinely sees everyone else as coming off to get him. He's… well, not unstable, but he's getting there.

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