The Evil Psychology of 'Responsible Gambling' | Bookies Ulterior Motive? | Gambling Addiction VLOG

This is just my opinion but I think there is huge danger in following the ‘Responsible Gambling’ advice put forward by gambling companies.

Thanks for watching, my name’s Phil and I’m a former gambling addict. I make videos to share my experiences of gambling and talk about my recovery, abstinence and the challenges of quitting gambling. I also tend to ramble on about anything else that comes to mind and take great pleasure in dispelling some of the most common myths around gambling.

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22 thoughts on “The Evil Psychology of 'Responsible Gambling' | Bookies Ulterior Motive? | Gambling Addiction VLOG”

  1. I am a problem gambler.
    Never lost everything but I lost more than I was comfortable with and it did cause some harm to my personal life.
    Luckily that harm has been repaired through massive effort from myself and limitless patience from my wife.

    The issue I had was ALWAYS chasing losses.
    I could not let go when I was down.

    The only way I managed to get myself off of the "must gamble, must win" mentality was;

    Stay off of on-line EVERYTHING.
    SELF EXCLUDE IF YOU HAVE TO. I did and now can't even sign up to these websites even if I try.
    (Not even lottery website / raffles / bingo… whatever – if it is in your pocket or on your home PC it is 100x more dangerous than being in a casino with your bank cards)
    Brick and mortar casinos / bookies only if you are going to bet.
    Set a limit you are comfortable with.
    Then half that limit.
    Leave the rest of your money at home.

    I spend £10 a month on scratch cards now and leave everything else.
    I have fun while doing the few cards I do but if I lose I lose and I've had my £10 worth of "fun" for the month.

    It took me over a decade to get rid of "the itch" and it is very hard to do when you still have money.

    I still avoid casinos and bookies, just in case.

  2. Used to see my mates sticking all there money in fruit machines. Used to make me sick. I’m no angel with plenty of vices I just never understood gambling properly. The whole thing is a big fix in my mind. That was 20-25 years ago. I’d rather take my chances with crime if was greedy or desperate. Shocking how these firms are allowed to advertise so openly. Watching lads borrowing off a loan shark then going straight on a big fruity was an eye opener.

  3. I listen to this videos and yeah to a certain degree it is helping me, however I feel like gambling has taken over my life. Like I've been listening to 10videod JUST TODAY and still have an overwheling urge to go to the casino. Maybe just my state of mind being the problem but anyways GREAT video as always!

  4. Safer gambling is the result of regulatory authorities. So the idea is a good one. Most gambling operators adopt reality checks options and also actively engage personally with gamblers that appear to be at risk.
    Most operators are actively attempting to intervene before the problem gets too big.
    The desire for sustainability has actually been a positive thing because that sustainability relies on repeat customers which in turn relies on those customers wellbeing.
    The 'gamble only what you can afford to lose' is very subjective.

  5. The problem with the responsible gambling message is that it goes totally against the business model for any bookmaker. The bookies are here to take your money, the idea of paying out a win always comes as a shock to bookie staff because they expect and usally do take the punters money. Bookies play lip service to responsible gambling but i have never seen one punter told to calm down or cool off in my time betting. Plus we seem to have more adverts promoting betting than anything else. Responsible gambling is purely lip service, nothing more.

  6. Earlier today I was talking to a friend of mine who owns a long established building company and complimented him on a magnificent very grand house which I knew his firm had built, and asked him jokeingly if it was for a footballer, he replied that it wasn't, but it was for a young guy who was very well off and arrived on site most days in his Ferrari to see how work was progressing, being nosey I asked him what line of work was this young man in to which he replied 'oh, he owns one of those online gambling websites' I didn't ask him the name of it, but it brought it home to me that it is us mugs who have paid for that house, and many more and all the other trappings of weath these people enjoy.

  7. When the fun stops stop slogan has been a complete joke since it came out. Imagine tobacco companies being allowed to continue to promote their addictive product by simply putting out a disclaimer to their customers saying "when you get addicted STOP!" Like they REALLY want their customers to walk away and live their best lives. The gambling industry love problem/addicted gamblers it's how they make millions every year!!

  8. What gets me with 'When the fun stops stop' is there telling you oh it was great, it was fun, all rainbow and butterflies… Imagine a slogan that read 'when the misery continues, Stop'

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