The Casino Chip Forgers Who Scammed Vegas For Millions | Cheating Vegas S1 EP3 | Wonder

Two men create fantastically fake poker chips, a cheat and his cronies manipulate payouts by reprogramming slot machines and a thief on a motorcycle robs the Bellagio at gunpoint snatching $1.5 million in chips.

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Cheating Vegas reveals a world we’ve heard of but have never really seen up close—behind the closed doors of Las Vegas casino security. Featuring hidden-camera videos, reenactments, and interviews with the top gaming investigators in the business, each episode will take viewers inside some of the most daring and elaborate scams in gaming history.

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40 thoughts on “The Casino Chip Forgers Who Scammed Vegas For Millions | Cheating Vegas S1 EP3 | Wonder”

  1. The good guys win? Lmao. They cheat people more than these "bad guys" do but because our society decides it is okay for them they are the "good guys". People aren't very smart and it is sad.

  2. Instead of paying her hush money, they should have just hushed her out in the desert. Woulda been a easier process then what they had to deal with.

  3. The blackmailer needs to be arrested because she took and used stolen money. Plus, her costs made them have to steal more to afford it. Law is dumb. -_-

  4. There was a woman won the jackpot and the casino refused to pay, found excuses like the machine is broken faulty etc. why the law didn’t act that fast and efficient at that time?

  5. I was forced to go to rehab for alcohol because my ex-wife lies in court. Anyway there were, "Gambling people" in rehab. I can't take them seriously. I am think people are here for actual chemical addictions. You Frauds.

  6. You don't " cheat " casinos. They're already cheating you. Most slot machines are pre programmed to hit at certain points in their lifespan, the odds are never a fair chance of winning. Much like the claw machines. The only real fair odds at winning are card games and things like craps or roulette. Honestly slots should be banned unless there's rules put in place to make the machines 100% chance.

  7. How the b*tch spoiled it for those two guys that copied chips. Then ANOTHER woman spoils it for Nickrasch too! In the last story. Moral of this whole thing: Don’t trust a woman! Don’t bring them in! They can’t keep their mouths shut! Typical anyway.

  8. If you want to do this, DON'T take the chips straight to the cage!! Play roulette and make near 50/50 plays…..make enough chips so you can afford to lose some, once you're up on casino money, LOSE THE FAKE CHIPS….cash out the real chips….someone else will take the heat for the fake ones and they will never know how they got into the game, try keep your finger prints off them for as long as possible also!

  9. If the first 2 guys kept low key and quiet, they would still be flooding Vegas casinos with fake chips. Should have kept it to low denominations and not tell anyone. Nonetheless, I salute them and all other heroes that steal from the cold hearted, greedy billionaires.

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