Sunday Slots Vs Jimbo! Bonuses & the wheel returns!

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This video/stream is an Example of how the slots can play & to be considered educational for the viewers.

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Slots Vs Jimbo! Bonuses & the wheel returns!”

  1. Holy crap, Jimbo has uploaded his monthly video – all 30 minutes of it, and what a surprise, it's a winning one to promote affiliate sign ups. Remember folks, making a 30 minute video once a month is expensive 🤣🤣

  2. Sorry mate but your videos getting worse and worse. I really loved the old ones but this kind of videos are pretty boring. Bring the old stuff back

  3. only on 13 mins of this video…..the coin bit buys are not the best………are they…….it has to be a set up…….roulette ok fine…but BUYING slots they are taking money of you like candy…….what happened to the great british uk GBP….and CASH….LOL…on thousands of casino websites

  4. Very easy to see why bonus buys were banned in the UK, fast track to ruin yourself if you aren’t 100% in control. I’m convinced bonus buys and the main game are almost 2 separate pots, bonus buys seem very linked to the stake they are bought at, often returning about what the cost was.

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