Slot Machines: The Big Gamble

Lesley Stahl reports on the proliferation of gambling to 38 states and its main attraction, the slot machine, newer versions of which some scientists believe may addict their players.

41 thoughts on “Slot Machines: The Big Gamble”

  1. I just clicked on this video as my neighbour and friend is an online slots addict, he has spent £12,000 savings on slots in the last two weeks and is wrecking his life and no-one can stop him. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion, him tapping a button on a laptop like a monkey all day, I feel helpless as I look on at someone i care for ruining his life in real time.

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  3. I get what the man is saying, nobody force you to gamble. I go play scratchers every now and then. I know the risk of winning the jackpot very slim, but I also play at least $20 every few months for fun. I make sure I don't get addicted. I can't stand casino, so I just stay away.

  4. The two "experts" for gambling are nothing of such… And lack neurological understanding of gambling and it's effects.

    That governor made a huge mistake. We really need to outlaw online gambling at least first. It's absolute terrible what gambling is doing to our society. The banking cabal can take a little hit to their control… right? …

  5. Absolutely no casinos in Georgia.
    A million slot machines in gas stations, restaurants, bars,and bowling alleys.
    Against the law to pay out cash.
    Right,then why are so many people sitting in front of them????????

  6. Betting on Sports does have a little bit of luck baked in but its a GAME OF SKILL now a game of 100% LUCK that is DESIGNED to take your MONEY.

  7. But if you learn Card Counting and win they will ban you for LIFE. Which is 1000% legal to count cards, you can ban using your mind.

  8. Good Lord!!! I go to my local casino with my dad sometimes, we get dinner, hit the penny slots, maybe watch a few poker games but I never thought a person could get addicted.

  9. I may not be addicted to slots, but I do enjoy going to play a couple times a year. However, everytime I do I always have trouble sleeping for at least one night and usually 2-3 nights. I think something about all the lights and sounds really messes me up for a while.

  10. Sandy wishes someone had kept her at the entertainment side of the casino . / much more fun at the bar/restaurant / entertainment cabaret/ bowling / theatres .

  11. DRUGS are addictive ' Alchohol is addictive ' Smoking is addictive ' Slot machines are addictive'these slot machines are the most evil of all the addictions they take good peoples wages n money by opening casinos everywhere with no chance of people ever winning any thing but bad luck the best way to win is to keep your money for your bills

  12. Ed Randell had no idea how many more lives, families & children in PA and neighboring States have suffered due to his decision to open all those casinos!

  13. Money is the root of all evil period take warning ,spend your time praying🙏🏼 instead. Donate any money you were going to give to the casino to family's in need or organizations that will benefit humanity and build us up as a strong individual and you will have that jackpot feeling you were seeking that will be ongoing😉 gambling….. It is only a path filled with tempory pleasure & a road leading to self destruction🙈 ✌🏻&❤️💯💪🏼

  14. There is no accountability anymore…. there are always things out there that can be abused like fast food, drugs, gambling, sex, anything that can bring temporary pleasure, but it's 100% WRONG to ban or limit these things because some people MIGHT abuse them if they have no self control. The problem with living in a free country is that stupid people are also free, free to do whatever their stupid brain tells them to do. Most people realize that gambling is a losing proposition in the long run so they either don't do it, or do it once in a while for entertainment.

  15. Penny slots are cool. Betting one penny at a time can give you around 4 hours of fun and entertainment for 40 or 45 dollars.
    Even accepting that your going to lose the money, it's still cheaper then a night on the town.

  16. I agree with the Governor on this issue. People have always gambled and will continue to gamble. No ones forcing anyone to gamble it’s the individuals choice. It’s smart for the government to tax it.

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