Slot Machines are fun 🎰 but when should you stop? Addiction signs and how best to walk away.

Gambling is thrilling, but it has a dark side. Many people fall prey to the trap and don’t know when or how to leave the casino. Today we are tackling responsible gaming.

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20 thoughts on “Slot Machines are fun 🎰 but when should you stop? Addiction signs and how best to walk away.”

  1. We used to gamble for 13 years to be exact.we don’t have problem when it’s come to money but when we decide to stop we move somewhere that far away from the casino.we didn’t miss it we travel instead.

  2. Youtube and twitch play a role in normalizing problem gambling behaviors now. A number of the more popular video makers and streamers do everything that you are not supposed to do (partly because they are chasing views and partly because many are being paid to play–though few acknowledge this fact, which violates youtube TOS and FTC guidelines).
    Watch some of the bigger names. So you will find people who hide their losses and losing sessions. People who say they will stop because they are ahead or behind, but then cut to a win/bonus because they actually kept playing and lost an undisclosed amount of money in the process. People who will chase progressives and bonuses based on superstitions and sunk cost fallacy. People who respond to big losses by spending more and making larger and larger wagers. They have to bet bigger to "win it back."
    This depiction is totally unrealistic and even deceptive as they do not disclose they are playing with house money.

  3. I seldom gamble in a large casino. I do gamble on cruise ships and I go on two or three cruises annually. I’ve mostly had good luck. I play Hold’em poker and occasionally slots. I stick to $20 on slots and up to $200 in a night of poker. If I win, great, if I lose, I leave, I don’t keep buying in. I’ve seen how people will keep going trying to recover losses. I’ve seen the casino cut people off, deny them the ATM machine, not allow them to load their cash card by charging to their shipboard account. I’ve had people say they were taking money from their savings to gamble. It’s a dangerous activity if one lacks self control.

  4. Thank-You for doing this video! I have a plan when I go. I think about what I am going to play and how much I am going to take on the trip. I normally will buy gift cards to use on the trip for food and other amenities the casino has to offer. Then it's already paid for and not coming out of the gambling budget. I normally spend more the first day and then reality sets in and I control myself the rest of the trip. I don't like going home miserable. I would like to see a video on "Casino Rules"Things that can get you banned or even go to jail. Some people will not listen.Thank-You Marc!

  5. Love your advise about saving winnings for future trips! I walked out with $2800 winnings, kept $1k , and saved $1800 for 3 more trips to the casino that year. Worked out great even on the times you lose because I'm still playing on winnings!

  6. I’ve gone overboard before. Didn’t even think about it while I was playing. Quit going for a while and reevaluated gambling as a whole for myself. Now when I go I set a budget before even leaving the house and play within my means. Makes a huge difference! Appreciate y’all talking about this.

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