Sky River Casino neighbors raise concerns 1 day after opening in Elk Grove

Sky River Casino neighbors raise concerns 1 day after opening in Elk Grove

Carol Naka, a mother of four, says the big influx in visitors is spilling in as guests park right by their homes.

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49 thoughts on “Sky River Casino neighbors raise concerns 1 day after opening in Elk Grove”

  1. Kind of worried about, we booked one home opposite community, and I hear mixed feelings about casino… Will the house depreciate? With respect to safety

  2. I was just there this past weekend, and the parking lot wasn’t even 1/4 full.

    I’m not from the area, so I couldn’t tell you if it is good for the community or not, but as a visitor from a few hours away, I spent the entire day in and around Elk Grove, patronizing local restaurants and businesses other than the casino.

    I would not have visited the town otherwise, or even heard of it, for that matter. I would think that some major attraction actually helps the local economy.

    And also, just because people are patrons of a casino, it doesn’t automatically make them bad people like this lady seems to suggest. I’m no degenerate gambler myself. I just like to check out the sights and sounds.

    Lastly, hadn’t the casino been planned for years if not decades already? How did this lady not know about it, as if it just sprouted out of the ground overnight?! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Gambling is bad for society. Gambling palaces are not good for families trying to teach their children to be good citizens. This casino is too close to town.
    Yes, I know this is just my opinion but it is based on decades of living. Does anyone listen to an elder who has some perspective because she has lived through so many years?
    We need to have wholesome entertainment. We do but maybe there is no market for it now. The money is in slot machines.

  4. Why would you ever build a casino near the neighborhood? The other side of Elk grove is empty as in like between from Galt and Elk Grove 🤷‍♂️

  5. I'm half Maidu and a Tribal Member of a Tribe with a Casino. Native American Casinos are the last thing anyone should be ok with. They bring problems for all. The greed and it's consequences have been a huge problem for my tribe. So many Tribal members have had their families and lives ripped apart by the things the Casino has brought to our lives. And they have destroyed many many lives of those who are non natives and will continue to destroy more. I have a profession that allows me to live comfortably without the Per Capita income the casino provides. I donate mine every month to a few select causes that are important to me. Casino's come with a bunch of problems for the surrounding community. Drugs, prostitution, violence and thefts being some of those that have been a constant among Native American Casinos

  6. Wow…..This lady just admitted to leaving her kids unattended at park but when cars are parked there from the Casino she feels threatened 😂 not her lack of parenting kids should never be at a park unattended!!!

  7. The Elk Grove City Limits is experiencing "growing pains." They are now the 2nd largest city in Sacramento County,
    second to Sacramento. The homeless are now overflowing into communities outside of Sacramento. With Elk Grove,
    if it's not the HOMELESS situation, IT'S THIS situation with the CASINO. People come to realize, that once it is right
    next to THEIR homes, they become very N-I-M-B-Y — Not In MY Back Yard. Otherwise, they all refer to themselves as
    (eh-hem, cough, gasp)… "tolerant."

  8. The casino needs to hire security and have security post over there and stop people from parking over there if that's not a part of the casino why is people parking in a residential area that is disrespectful that makes the property value go down in crime can happen anything can happen why do you think people move out far from these cities to move in places like that only to have what crime come around no she's right

  9. There's so many cameras & security if you feel that your kids are unsafe playing at the park alone it's right by the freeway so I don't feel like they should be at the park alone at anytime. I feel that yes sky River casino owners should build more parking for customers who comes to the casino even me and I just pray that all the neighbors in the neighborhood stay safe and it continue to be no violations in Jesus name God Bless us all

  10. No need for concern, like most casino grand opening…the extra heavy traffic will go away in a few weeks and when they clear out construction equipments …then the parking lot will expand

    When there's a big event…there's more police presence

  11. She bull shittin there’s more than enough parking I was there since they open 3 days in a row I hope they move out so I can buy it and walk there

  12. Too bad the state and federal government just don’t give back the millions of acres of land so we Tribes can have all the land and space they need to participate in building wealth for its people. I’m sure Natives that live on the reservations wish they could have the privilege to say they live in nice and safe neighborhood that they feel safe enough to let their kids play at a lovely park all by themselves.

  13. False sense of security that your kids were safe at the park by themselves.
    I get why you don't want casino patrons parking in your neighborhood, but your kids can get kidnapped or assaulted if you're not with them at the park regardless.

  14. This is nonsense!!! Those two ladies should be ashamed of themselves. No crime has been committed. This is new, and like anything else new in Elk Grove there is congestion at first. Then things start flowing like planned. Give it a minute. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤯

  15. For local patrons in this county it would be wise just to pay Uber/ Lyft if you plan going to casino , win or even , you’re in safe ride going home . You could be lucky if you find a new classmate.

  16. The police there have been harassing DoorDashers pulled over 5 times in one day for the sake of safety in the neighborhood 🤷🏾‍♂️!! Needless to say I will do my best to stay away from delivering in that part of town be careful out there dashing.

  17. This casino has planned to come here for years. I remember attending the city council meeting about it back in 2016.

    Everyone complained about the traffic Costco would bring but so far so good 🤷🏾‍♀️ Give the casino some time; It isn’t going anywhere!

  18. The change is fun and I’m not complaining yet but isn’t Elk Grove entirely too small for a casino and a zoo?? It’s all parked out!!

  19. Got this Asian here complaining also. Move then??? If not mistaken every news I saw I seen nothing but Asians flocking to this casino. I just don’t understand who this woman thinks she is. So frustrating. I wish I can just tell her off one time.

  20. Why is this Ethiopian thing making such a big issue? I will park where ever my heart desire’s. I’m not committing a crime. I actually pay taxes. I don’t care if ur kids play in the park. I mind my own business. I’m actually worried they might break into my car while I’m gambling or eating at the casino.

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