Should gambling be considered a risk to public health?: Christopher Snowdon discusses

Institute for Economic Affairs Head of Lifestyle Economics, Christopher Snowdon, discusses whether gambling should be considered a risk to public health.

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27 thoughts on “Should gambling be considered a risk to public health?: Christopher Snowdon discusses”

  1. Mr. Snowdon doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Gambling is a public health problem. He clearly doesn’t know the first thing about addiction

  2. Its getting more like everything is a public health issue. Get your grubby hands off, our every fading freedoms.
    All the government wants is your money, thats by banning anything that might have a downside to you living longer. Live longer, work longer, the more tax they get off you.

  3. The stock market is one big gamble and it is a public health matter because it can cause untold suffering to the people of this country(eg the price of gas and oil)Energy companies making billions to pay shareholders gambling on the market.

  4. The woke nation seeks to make every human activity about public health and therefore regulated by the government. One day somebody’s going to chop those heads off with an axe and a lot of people are going to smile and cheer!

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