Reverend Dr Gavin Ashenden discusses the 'deceptive addiction' that is gambling

‘Gambling is enormously serious and very dangerous. The trouble is it appeals to groups who ought to be defended against it, people who are mathematically challenged and the poor.’

Rev. Dr Gavin Ashenden discusses the ‘deceptive addiction’ that is gambling.

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9 thoughts on “Reverend Dr Gavin Ashenden discusses the 'deceptive addiction' that is gambling”

  1. I like Gavin Ashenden…he's written good stuff on Charles Williams. And I agree with his views on gambling. A curse that began with the Lottery.

  2. I thought Michael recovered well from what looked like stage fright at the start of the live show. Keep at it Micheal, they’ve all had to learn on there, that’s what makes it so good and real.

  3. I'm Atheist and I really like this guy! I've definitely noticed a growing alliance of people of all faiths (and none) when it comes to the far more important topic of the political "Culture Wars", as Rev. Ashenden referenced in the full convo.

  4. The ohh so virtuous day time tv shows from gmtv and all day from their are also offender’s
    The wave handfuls of money backed by flashy cars and houses ect. Knowing that they are influencing desperate people
    And then in the advertisement break’s it’s “ happy family friendly bingo sites “ doing the same

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