Quit Gambling & Reap the Rewards! | Life After Gambling IS Better (BUT…) | Gambling Addiction VLOG

Quit gambling, get into recovery and the rewards will naturally come. It won’t happen overnight but stick with it and I PROMISE that life gets better.

Thanks for watching, my name’s Phil and I’m a former gambling addict. I make videos to share my experiences of gambling and talk about my recovery, abstinence and the challenges of quitting gambling. I also tend to ramble on about anything else that comes to mind and take great pleasure in dispelling some of the most common myths around gambling.

If you found this video interesting then check out the channel and consider subscribing (it would mean a lot). If you are struggling with a gambling problem then hopefully my videos will help but I strongly recommend getting some proper help from the guys below (I’m no expert, just someone who has ‘been there, done that and got the t-shirt…(no) merch link in bio’.

My Second Channel: (Not much to see yet but I’m sure with all this extra time we have I’ll find plenty to rant about!)

GAMSTOP: (Online Gambling Exclusion):
National Self-Exclusion Scheme:
GAMCARE (Support and advice for problem gamblers): www.gamcare.org.uk
BreakEven (Free local gambling counselling): www.breakeven.org.uk
The Samaritans (If you ever feel like it is too much or contemplate self-harm): or call 116 123

14 thoughts on “Quit Gambling & Reap the Rewards! | Life After Gambling IS Better (BUT…) | Gambling Addiction VLOG”

  1. So I quit and started gambling online I lost 11k. My birthday I went to the casino went down 1k when I hit a 3k jackpot. The following week played online and won 20k. This is a sign that I need to change. I got saved this time.

  2. I was away from the gambling world for almost 10 years then i got tricked into IT again, its hellish hard 2 quit the 2nd time over since back then i only did slots at the stores never online. But i know after this year (since i have written most of the out and in down on paper) im could have bought me a New car over the yearly sending on casinos, you speaking of d3bt i never have d3bt bec. Of the gambling but i would be better of slamming the money in a locked account. Im rambling..

  3. Peace of mind is the BEST part of quitting. Plus I find my evenings and weekends seem to last so much longer without the mindless spinning hour upon hour. Plus, strange looking at my balance without a – before the figure 😀

  4. Hi Phil. Is there an email address that I can contact you on, because I would really love to send you a private message regarding your channel and everything you say in it and my personal experience. Great video as always!

  5. Youre by some way more adept and more knowledgeable than the so called help out there. Trust me i know. Very good phil…….You told me off for calling you Philip a year ago🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. I would say don't tell anyone until you have done it. I told no one when I was having my driving test. I told no one during the period I started to stop gambling.

  7. Thanks for the video Phil! I recently just gambled my full months wages last pay day, a month before Christmas! What you said in another video about using that "feeling" as motivation to stop has really resonated with me. This really feels like my rock bottom and has made me more determined than ever to begin my recovery. I find your videos really helpful.

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