Pro-Russian protesters in Moldova demand government step down | DW News

In Moldova, pro-Russian protests are underway in the capital Chisinau. Its the latest in a series of demonstrations that have taken place in recent weeks against the pro-Western president Maia Sandu and the Moldovan government, who have accused Russia of plotting against them. Pro-Russian forces have been resurgent in Moldova since Russia attacked neighboring Ukraine more than a year ago. Thousands of Russian troops are stationed in the separatist Moldovan region of Transnistria in the east of the country.


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35 thoughts on “Pro-Russian protesters in Moldova demand government step down | DW News”

  1. You are a fool. Pensioners have nothing to pay for a communal apartment and nothing to buy food, and here is RUSSIA, a provocateur.

  2. Вы идиоты,это не пророссийские протестанты,это люди которые вынужденны выходить на протесты изза того,что нечем платить за коммунальные услуги,изза того,что цены космические,а пенсии и зарплаты маленькие.Причем здесь РОССИЯ,провокаторы вы,а не сми.Пенсионер получает пенсию 3000 лей,а приходят фактуры за газ и свет по 4000-5000 лей.Подумайте своей головой,откуда у пенсионера платить столько,а кушать что???

  3. The west can't give Moldova cheap gas or building your economy, just like ukraine, west mentality is crush russia using your small mindset formersoviet governments, so wake up and smell the coffee, enery bills and food prices so high

  4. Мая Санду ставленник Америки, марионетка такая же как и Зеленский, достаточно просмотреть ее автобиографию и все станет ясно, ей наплевать на народ Молдовы она выполняет приказ Америки!

  5. What can we tell just by looking at these protesters :
    – all of them seem pretty old and by the looks of , are probably Soviet Union clowns supporters , I’m not saying they want the USSR back , but they wasn’t old Russian hegemony back .
    -most , if not , all of them , seem to be ethnic Russians , who moved there back in the Soviet era as part of the program of Russification of the region back when the ussr annexed Moldova from Romania and wanted to keep Romanian nationalism at bay .

  6. Килоц врау дин материи кари ну концыни синтетикы есть гуй ару гу фоека мосорика аддестенми биби биутифул дианы.

  7. USA has always overthrown governments mainly in Latin America and no one has ever said anything…at least the people of moldova don't want to join the west respect that

  8. This is the way Putin / China get into goberments against Goberments  paying other to create Protest , Plots , Revolts , Sabotage , Corruption ,  to Rule in the Countries like  Kadirov, Lukashenko are imposed by Putin for Putin's service
    Now Chechnya army It is commanded by Kadirov This is how Russia / Putin works to install governments in favor of Russia
    All countries neighboring Russia know about the aggression, genocide in other countries, Georgia 2008, Afghanistan 1978, Czechoslovakia 1968, Chechnya 1999, Giorgia 2008, Crimea 2014 Annexed, Putin / Russia puts governments, politicians, spies in those countries that Russia / Putin, Do not fall into the hands of Putin / Russia
    Putin wants to re-unify the Soviet Union if Ukraine falls which country is next,
    Ukraine Fights for the whole Region
    Ukraine fights for its
    Freedom and Democracy
    Now Putin is Threatening Moldavia
    China Wanted to be Part of the E.U. too but China is with Putin / Russia

  9. Accept this information as a gift: Russia is behind destabilizing Moldova. Russia has been secretly financing pro-Russian Moldovan oppositions to destabilize Moldova without invading it – for Russia, plan A is cheaper and cost effective. Plan B, to destabilize Moldova by all means. Plan C, invade Moldova. Russia’s GRU and FSB has already submitted Putin their plans on how to integrate Moldova or absorb Moldova into Russia. The current government must stay vigilant and go after Russia’s agents, mainly pro-Russian oppositions who have been receiving support and money from Russia with cryptocurrencies. Follow these oppositions’ crypto wallets, and you will find who these Russian agents are…

  10. Allow democracy like you said to prevail….. its not democratic when its not controlled by you. Evil westerners

  11. こんにちは ドイツ🇩🇪
    🇷🇺ロシアの若い優秀な方達がロシア🇷🇺から離れているのでしょう…? 戦争の影響…?
    🇺🇦ウクライナにとっても🇷🇺ロシアにとっても この戦争は🇺🇦🇷🇺人に良い影響では無いでしょう..
    難しい決断を出来る方の方が優秀な政治家と思うけど….??? プーチンさん?
    貴方しか この難しい問題解決はできないでしょう..

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