Press Preview: Wednesday’s papers

Sky’s Anna Botting takes a look at Wednesday’s front pages with Home Affairs Editor of The Times Matt Dathan and author and broadcaster Jenny Kleeman.

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20 thoughts on “Press Preview: Wednesday’s papers”

  1. The majority of advertisers on YouTube are gambling companies and they are increasing their advertising at a time of a cost of living crisis. These companies should be ashamed of themselves. Our Government should be ashamed of itself for not acting more quickly.

  2. Workers who live on these barges spend a lot of time working and these barges are used as sleeping pods. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work and these pods will simply be prisons. The solution is to speed up Home Office decisions.

  3. In the private sector if they had a shortage of workers, they would increase wages, increase training and increase the price of their products. The problem for the public sector is that greedy billionaires and millionaires don’t want to pay increased taxes.

  4. Is there any way that we can recoup some of the £35 billion wasted on' test and trace'.
    Consultancy companies extracted hundreds of millions and are the bane of modern Britain.
    The supermarkets gave their money back . The consultants could finally do something constructive and help to finance core health staff.

  5. Just learn from how Australia has turnee back the boats for asylum seekers. Yes we aren't racist but we just want to defend our country.

  6. the right wing will continue to scream against things they want to privatise be it the BBC or the NHS…..why don't these journalists contextualise with these basic truths…

  7. Politics also cultural believe in practice wrong theology and philosophy will bring broken family and society suffering
    Believe in karma
    (good and bad) Karma absolute fact and the truth

  8. So how much will the pay rise cost and how much will the junior doctors pay settlement be given Sunak claims to cut the waiting list in half. So how will that happen without extra funding.

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