Playing Slots In Las Vegas NONSTOP Until I Hit A Handpay! 😳 ($10,000 AT RISK)

On today’s Pompsie Slots livestream, Pompsie will be playing slots nonstop in Las Vegas until he wins a handpay!

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23 thoughts on “Playing Slots In Las Vegas NONSTOP Until I Hit A Handpay! 😳 ($10,000 AT RISK)”

  1. You should take the Big Jackpot up on his offer. Good for your channel. They will be at Resorts World on 24th with NG Slots and Mr Mike Slots. Good live even though I watched it in replay

  2. Ok…I can finally breath. I've been holding my breath for you both to win a hand pay for so many times. I'm just happy you got something at the end. It stings a little less when you win like that at the end. So now you can go eat than head home. Have a very good week Pompsie and Greta. It was very enjoyable to watch this video….scary at times, but enjoyable.

  3. Congrats on your hand pay but I suggest try playing video poker. Your losses will be minimal if you play correctly and more chances of winning jackpots! Follow Bigkats, Slotmassacre, John's World of Video Poker, Handpay Legend, Doc's Gambling and Video Poker and Beyond. Good luck and looking forward to your VP plays.

  4. I missed the live stream. I can't believe you played $100 a spin. My only handpay ever was Keno nickel machine with a 15 cent bet, I hit 8 out of 8. Won $1,200

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