Penalty For Virtual Money Gambling | Random Nepali and The Digital Lawyer

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Random Nepali explains the whole process of Betting and Virtual Money Gambling in Nepal and why it is illegal here.

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16 thoughts on “Penalty For Virtual Money Gambling | Random Nepali and The Digital Lawyer”

  1. You are just lawayers. Why donot console to government and block such sites. If the money lost by nepalese in gambling and crypto had been invested in nepalse stock market, We would have good economy. People would get stable economically. Ultimately we are making foreign people richer and richer losing our money and hard work.

  2. If the people are investing without no knowledge of fundamental and technical analysis then it’s gambling but people who invest actually doing hard research and analysis they aren’t playing gambling and betting that’s nonsense 👎🏻…those people are not investing to make country rich they’re hustling for their better life , survival and financial freedom and in somehow enhance country economy in legal way..

  3. ए मुजी खाते भेले गुप्ता धोती प्रश्न नेपाली मै सोध न ..तेरो अंग्रेज़ी ले तेरै अन्तरवार्ता हेर्न छोडे… आर्को चोटी बोलिस भने तेरो आमा लाइ पनि गाली गर्छु , त चाहन्छस तेरो आमा लाइ गाली गरौ ? आर्को पटक देखी नेपाली मै बोल

  4. What to do Government of Nepal does not provide employment. Casino staff has been hit the hardest here. Covid 19 has caused many to lose their jobs. The government is not paying attention to this. Young people are forced to go abroad day by day. There are various reasons for such incidents.

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