PATTAYA latest news, Another FIRE, SUICIDE Fall, GAMBLING Busted, FISHING to JAIL!

PATTAYA suffers another FIRE. Man FISHING could face DEPORTATION and JAIL, an Australian MAN throws himself off a Condo balcony!

PATTAYA latest news bringing you feedback from the weeks events and happenings. With a city like Pattaya there is always plenty to talk about and discuss.

Pattaya, Thailand maybe a nightlife hub of entertainment but much more happens away from the night time activities.

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24 thoughts on “PATTAYA latest news, Another FIRE, SUICIDE Fall, GAMBLING Busted, FISHING to JAIL!”

  1. Driving safety? The only way to change human behavior is to make the punishment more painful than the benefit of the undesirable behavior.

    The following will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER happen here, but since you asked…
    1) Mandatory real driver's training with traffic laws tests that you have to pass to get and renew your license.
    2) Police patroling the roads and enforcing traffic laws (with tickets/fines) learned in #1 above.
    3) Eliminate police bribes that allow you to get out of tickets. Make people go to court and pay fines/court costs.
    4) A country wide connected computer database tracking driver's licenses and their status. Arrest people who drive without a license.

    AGAIN, I know this will never happen. If they tried it, it would take 5-10 solid years of total compliance for these steps to become effective if it even can.

  2. Most werent suicides. And the police cracked down on what was happening. Thats why you suddenly stopped seeing the fliers club after all the publicity around 2016. Thailand doesnt do much about crime against expats..but when it starts making international news and affects tourism…they will finally investigate and prosecute. A few of them were suicides. But most were not. The yaba is a terrible drug in thailand. And so is older naive men putting in joint 49% & 51% business and property with thai bargirls cum girlfriends or inviting beach rd ladyboys to your condo late at night. There are high floor apts in UK and there is depression in UK but you dont see this fliers club.

  3. The only way you're going to change the poor road standards in Thailand. Is to educate school children from a young age . Everyone else is tainted

  4. love your stuff haveny been tp pattaya for years now still stuck in cold crapy adelaide went many many times been scammed robbed you name it pattaya not for the faint hearted but you do a good job cheers

  5. Wow, I have learned 2 things thus far, do not kick your feet up on a chair and show the souls of your feet and don't flip a coin that has the world family on it. This is good information for my Is upcoming trip. I really like your channel.

  6. I think that you explained the motorbike taxi helmet issue in Bangkok very well. In addition, the motorbike taxis are in a queue so you can't just go around picking which one will serve you.

  7. To improve road safety, I would replace as many traditionnal intersections with Roundabouts Roundabouts are an effective way of moving vehicles through an intersection, as there are no left turn delays, no running of red or amber lights and fewer traffic delays. Since motorists do not always have to stop, delays and queues are usually less compared to signalized intersections and four-way stops. 👍

  8. People do crazy mistakes. This is from last year in Quebec (Canada): Police and firefighters in the city of Sherbrooke allegedly mistook a woman’s body for a mannequin and threw her remains into a dumpster.

  9. On my way to pattaya, there where two car accidents that had happened. All that was left though was the carnage. I don't the people care to be honest. If those accidents happened in my country that side of the highway would have been shut down completely until wreck and cops cleared the area.
    My opinion. Heavily start ticketing people.

  10. Trevor, to be honest I don't think there are any realistic solutions to the road carnage. The US used to be very similar. It took decades of legal and social changes in a country that actually respected the rule of law. Such comprehensive changes are currently unrealistic in Thailand. This is no slight on the Thai people. I believe the average Thai is more decent than the average American; our system is simply better at driving political and legal change than the Thai system. I think a different approach is needed. The individual needs to take more personal responsibility for their own safety. Fortunately you do an excellent job at raising awareness of the dangers, and providing useful advice.

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