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NOW Opening 16 Bonuses!

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9 thoughts on “NOW Opening 16 Bonuses!”

  1. real advice: watch these guys. Dont play. Ive been playing for years and the big wins are sour because you never really win anything after all the losing. It is the sad reality. These guys just try to make gambling "fun" but there is no thing such as a healthy gambler that is utter bullshit.
    Ive rarely had a session like these live players and when I do, even I played on same stakes, never hit as large as these videos promote. all big X wins comes on small stakes. Big stakes always 10 to 30x bonues. Rememeber, these guys are promoting the providers and they get money for it! Look at the chair of this fucker…
    other advice, if you are dumb enough to keep playing, then never ever chase your loses….I guess you know.

    Bigger advice: check and understand volatility. Test on demo the games so you know how hard they are to bonus before spending thousands trying to figure it out

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