‘Nine Premier League clubs this season have a gambling advert on their shirts,’ says James Mildred

James Mildred, CARE Chief Communications Officer, says ‘we have all these gambling adverts saturating the most popular sport in the world’

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41 thoughts on “‘Nine Premier League clubs this season have a gambling advert on their shirts,’ says James Mildred”

  1. Gambling ads grind on me so I close down any vid that has them and I restart them. More often than not, there's an unrelated ad on next which is more tolerable, that is unless it's something to do with football. On trying to watch some football highlights, I had to restart the video five times before it changed from a gambling ad?? If you don't have cigarette ads, you still have smokers just not as many. If you don't have ads for alcohol, you'll still have alcoholics just not as many. If you don't have gambling ads, you'll still have gamblers just not as many. It's proof that if you stop these horrible afflictions on society from being advertised they'll be less of a problem.

  2. Now can we also deal with the scandalous lyrics our little kids are bombarded with on the most popular radio stations? A lot of this mess starts when they’re kids and we’re doing our best to teach them to be as anti-social as possible

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  4. I thought gambling and public sentiment for it had been declining the last few decades. What is this nonsense that it's suddenly on the rise? Definitely not a healthy trend.

  5. Who actually cares about sponsors on shirts lmao. Not gonna say "oh yeah I'm getting a 3 sim card because it's Chelsea's sponsor" or "I'm flying with Fly Emirates because it's on Arsenal's shirt." If you're a gambler a shirt sponsor isn't the reason you became one and it's not gonna make you gamble even more.

  6. LMAO if u want to make a difference in gambling , why dont u exspose the ilegal gambling in the computer industry it's 10 times bigger than the football indusrty

  7. Disgusting how football clubs make political gestures before matches like they are holier than thou. Then take money from gambling companies.

  8. who cares about the premier woke league .. hypocrites and money grabbers …. boycott the premier league … you want to go on your BLM knee we give you the elbow …. @BOYCOTT QATAR 2022

  9. This Is A Free Society Where We Have A Choice To Bet And Where Football Clubs Or Anyone Else Have The Choice Who They Wish To Do Business With.
    We Have The Total Right To Have And Enjoy A Bet And Its Time The Political Correct Brigade Stoped Telling People What To Do.

  10. What a middle class addiction lmao. Teach men to have self-discipline instead of raising them to value pleasure as the ultimate goal in life.

  11. I'd be quite happy to go back to the old rules of British advertising:

    No drink
    No funeral adverts
    No gambling
    No medical stuff

    They know how to manipulate though – if you're unfortunate enough to watch daytime TV you see hours of ads about funerals, cancer and weird devices to fix your arthritis… at which point you get depressed, then drunk then in a moment of drunken madness stick £50 on Anne Widdecombe to win Love Island.

  12. So what else are we going to cancel to protect a minority in this country?
    I have heard there is a BAME gay trans, with a white grandmother a gammy leg and an inferiority complex along with trust issues that once lost a pound in a fruit machine, that now lives in fear of watching who wants to be a millionaire as it may set them off again into a dark abyss from which there is no return. Are people genuinely not capable of free thought, give it another 10 years and there will be help channels and therapy on how to wipe your own arse.

  13. Online gambling is big business, they utilise the big media stages to subliminally infiltrate new gamblers. Offer signing up bonuses make it look all fluffy and fun. The children are prepped for gambling through monetised ‘free to play’ games on consoles and phones. The gambling addiction is here to stay and they have the money to prevent any curtailing of their activities.

  14. Right, Harwood has proved himself worthy of a BBC job so please get rid.!
    Oh, get rid of Darren McCaffrey, Patrick Christys, Becca Hutson, Alex Phillips, and that awful woman who was on The Apprentice with the voice of a crow.!

  15. We could turn around the low respect we have for the police, by taking away all responsibility for 'private morals'.
    Should any government take away your 'private responsibility' for taking drugs, over eating, drinking alcohol sex and gambling etc.?
    Saying to the police – it is your responsibility to control us in ways we don't want to be controlled.
    It is a public health problem.

  16. Blame John Major.
    It was the introduction of the National Lottery which made gambling acceptable – millions of housewives and young people who would never have been seen dead in an old fashioned betting shop were able to buy tickets in a newsagent's.

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