Nigel Farage: Is Boris Johnson gambling his entire political legacy on going Net Zero?

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39 thoughts on “Nigel Farage: Is Boris Johnson gambling his entire political legacy on going Net Zero?”

  1. The tiny UK goes net zero, their standard of living is greatly reduced, and the decrease of "dangerous" emissions will be less than a drop in the bucket compared to increases in China, Russia, India, and many others. The UK's sacrifice will be for NOTHING! How can the UK and other western countries be so ignorant and stupid? You deserve what you will get.

  2. Absolute bolux if their is a black hole it was partly caused by the tories handing out contracts to their mates. If the want to fix things stop all overseas aid for 3 years then reconsider starting again when our house is in order 😁

  3. Well people are sure as heck going to be noticing, complaining, and paying more taxes, when London's skyscrapers start sinking into the mud, the New Forest burns, and Hull and Norfolk are permanently submerged by rising sea levels. 8 inches so far.

  4. When central government spend a whopping £1 trillion of public finances on extreme Covid measures without seriously considering the implications, I’m astonished to learn that only £100 billion has walked over the precipice. I’m certain, that if you look under some of their carpets at home, tens of billions more would be found. The deep pockets of the poor, seem endlessly deep.

  5. The poorest in the country will pay for it as always. Who do you think will pay for the boilers and heat pumps? Wont be the landlords. This is ridiculous & irresponsible. Not everyone's wages are going up. And everything else is going up more anyway. Who has he sold his soul to? Because this kind of irresponsible behaviour isn't going to help the majority in this country. And clearly does little to improve green issues.

  6. Do tell Nige. Would you go on pumping carbon into the environment despite our scientists telling us the consequences. Please. Let’s not pretend that the exchequer can’t dream up new taxes on electric cars to replace the current revenue from petrol.
    Ordinary families are the ones that will suffer most through climate change.

  7. Pollution is the problem. Climate Change is a myth. Glasgow has done little to attend to airborne pollution, yet it struts its stuff about Climate issues. A joke!

  8. Why is the UK being brought down in every way possible, is this what our government have planned, we're barbarians, we're racist, we're too privileged, we're a huge problem with global warming and waste, this small island, it breaks my heart

  9. The developing world is not going to give up on its aspirations for a better standard of living, and that will require lots of energy. If that means buying coal-fired power stations from China and nuclear power stations from Russia, then so be it. Their leaders are insufficiently stupid to believe that they will get sufficient power from sunbeams and gentle breezes.

  10. For a party (Tory) and leader (Boris) who seem not to care about the people at all (Food shortage, Energy prices, job loses..) they seem to be very worried and concerned that you would get more and more jabs. This sounds very suspicious to me.

  11. The National Grid said we need around 13 new power stations to handle the power requirements being envisaged by Government plans . Where is this money to come from being we are £2.6 TRILLION IN DEBT ALREADY and have a job even building ONE nuclear plant?

  12. Voters are not prepared to pay the price. Mrs Johnston's "green fantasy" will finish Boris AND the Conservatives if they continue with this nonsense.

  13. This government wants to get real. Why should we suffer when China India and Russia are the worst producers of pollutants. Our 1% is peanuts and we can’t afford Zero.

  14. 1960s – Oil gone in 10 years
    1970s – Another ice age in 10 years
    1980s – Acid rain will destroy all crops in 10 years
    1990s – The ozone layer will be gone in 10 years
    2000s – The ice cap will be gone in 10 years

    None of these things happened, but all resulted in more taxes.

  15. The world is going green regardless, albeit at different paces, and regardless our views on climate, or anything else for that matter, there simply is not an unlimited supply of fossil fuels. When the fossil fuels run out, we'll have no choice but to use the alternatives that just happen to be called green.
    Boris isn't so much making "greener" choices as making the inevitable choices sooner, rather than later.

  16. Why should we pay more taxes on the back of a scam that humans have caused global warming. Actually temperatures have gone down over the last 15 years but they wont tell you that they are still insisting that every year is the hottest on record. Total lies and drivel. We have just had a long cold winter followed by a cool wet summer. How much longer can they keep this scam up

  17. It's his wife's woke green dream – Boris never gave a cr@p about being green before she/he/they/ze … came along! Boris knows if he doesn't play her game there'll be no nookie for him – we all know how he loves his nookie!!

  18. But Boris has already lost his legacy, he failed to get out from the EUSSR, failed to control the border, failed by empying the NHS into carehomes and then failed to defend freedom against the Gates lockdowns.

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